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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Take to the seas in style when you play the compact 15 winlines of Il Brigantino, a real cash slot from the sailors over at Capecod. Known for trying to spice up slot machines with varied themes, it’s good to see the brand hitting the nautical scene full force, creating an engaging matrix in which we can play.

Unlike in some of their other titles, like Penguin Safari, here you have a high level of variance, with three different bonuses up for grabs inside the base game. That means there’s a lot of chances to not only increase your booty, but to discover the secrets of the ocean as you go; two for the price of one. Yarrr!

The wind is high and the sails have been opened up, all the crew have reported for duty, and there seems to be a tepid sense of nerves and excitement whispered across the deck. Everything is ready for you to depart, you just need to push the boat out and make a bet.

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Fishing for Pearls

The pearl symbol is vital if you’re to trigger two of the bonuses inside this slot machine, and so you’ll do well to keep your eyes peeled for their appearance. If you should get a combination of just the pearls, you’ll activate the Pearl Bonus, so named because your aim is to find the treasure of the clams.

This is an interactive round, by which you tap on selectable objects in search of those pearls; if you get cash, it’ll be banked, but should you get three pearls, the wins will be far more substantial than any bag of coin. You only have five objects to choose from, which means you’re chance of finding all three of the pearls is limited at best – but that’s part of the fun.

Pool, Anyone?

Passing time when on a ship must be difficult, for aside from a game of cards, not a lot of options are open to you, that’s assuming you’re not playing Il Brigantino. When you’re on board this ship, you get to play a game of pool, so to speak, whenever the ship scatter symbols appears.

You’ll have four chances to take down the targets, with each takedown forming a monetary win. In truth, this mini level is more like skittles than pool, but the round is called Pool Bonus, and so we have to assume that’s where the inspiration for the round came from. Personally, we don’t care for this extra much, mainly because it seems so out of place from the rest of the game. That being said, as far as variance goes, it increases it handsomely.

Ruddy Steering

As you’ve probably worked out for yourselves, there’s two scatter symbols, able to work alone to trigger separate bonus rounds, so naturally when you bring them together you get the third. This level is the least interactive of the three, and yet it’s still quite hands on. Your ship’s rudder turns symbols into scatters inside the base game, which in turn gives you a lot of chances to win big. These wins are cash only, with no free spins in sight, which we happen to find refreshing considering how typical of slot machines free rounds are.

Below Decks

Il Brigantino is a decent enough slot machine, but if we’re being totally honest, the fact that there are three bonuses doesn’t make up for the lukewarm imagery seen here. Nor does it explain why a game that appears to be new from the brand, happens to look pretty aged, by a decade we’d say. Appearance isn’t everything in this industry, this we know, but it does affect how users engage with the game, and with this example in particular, it has far reaching consequences.

That being said, when compared with low variance slots, which have bolder themes for less substance, we’d hands down say that this title is the victor. Therefore, if you’re going to explore the depths of the Capecod brand, make sure to do it with a slot machine that does the company justice, rather than a filler slot that has little to offer.