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Penguin Safari Slot

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Café Casino

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Who doesn’t love penguins, right? They’re cute, cuddly and normally on the shapely side – classic markers of what we think makes up an adorable animal. You may be thinking you’re about to get a firm helping of that cuddliness in abundance when playing Penguin Safari, but actually you don’t. There are some feathered friends, but mostly you’re getting what looks to be a cheap knockoff of Madagascar, a film made by Dreamworks in 2005.

Despite the obvious similarities you can see here, you can still appreciate the 5 reels of this slot machine, even if you’re not a fan of the film franchise. The paytable is small but generous, and you don’t have to pay the earth to play; it’s got a lot of positives for a doppleganger.

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As far as we know, this game isn’t meant to be like the aforementioned films, and so the fact that the similarities are so striking, may put some users off. Some subtle changes have been included in the graphics, in an attempt to make the real cash slot look like it’s an original idea, but anyone who’s watched the film will recognise the signs of copying immediately.

In the film there’s four characters: a lion, zebra, giraffe, and a hippo, and guess what, there’s the same here. What is more, the penguins are troublesome tykes that steal the show, which again, they do here. Throw in a handful of lemurs, and you’re basically delivering a watered down version of a semi-decent children’s film.


In regards to the style of this slot, there’s an abstract quality about it that does go some ways in setting the tone of how Capecod’s game is different from its non-related counterpart. The edges aren’t as streamlined as they could be, neither are the illustrations as realistic, leaving them in a limbo between highbrow and lowbrow art.

If we put aside our feelings about the theme in general, we can appreciate that a lot of work has gone into creating this engaging design, in which there’s 3D animations and exciting music. Consequently, this is a rather intense slot machine aesthetically, making it an eyesore for those that prefer simplicity when gaming online.


Normally we’d be pleased to see a well integrated control panel, but in Penguin Safari the buttons are more fiddly and annoying than they are helpful. It took us a few minutes to locate the paytable, which is symbolised by a trophy, an odd choice if you ask us. There is a help section that loads in a new window, but without seeing the actual gains from each symbol for yourself, it renders it academic.

As for the rest of the controls, they seem to be fairly well laid out and labelled, meaning that the issue of faffing about doesn’t dominate your experience. However, we would have liked this same level of care to be delivered across the board, not just in certain sections of the title. What could have been a great interface has been compromised; it’s a darn shame.

Five for Luck

We’ve done a lot of chatting about the mechanics of the game and its appearance, but not about the features, which we have to say, are scarce. The main bonus is also the free spins, meaning you don’t get quite the variance you may have been hoping for. Secondly, the round is rather short lived, which in turn diminishes the quality of your experience.

To get the ball rolling, you need to get five of the penguin symbol; after that you’ll be asked to select three penguins out of the five shown. By doing this you’ll select the number of extra spins you’ll play. The round will then end and your additional spins will start up. There’s a chance to trigger an expanding penguin wild in this feature, which does mean you can gain extra rounds, but it’s hardly something to get excited about.

Kept in a Cage

This was meant to be a freeing exploration of animals, but Penguin Safari is still caged in, unable to break free. The reason for this is because there’s simply not enough variance for users to sink their teeth into – instead of playing for hours, they’ll have a short burst and then be done. Hardly what you want if you’re interested in long term gains, though it certainly makes it ideal for the casual punters among you.