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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Danger, masked fighting and runaway trains are the stuff of telenovelas; the drama, the suspense, it’s so alluring that we can’t help but get sucked in. The Masked Rider, by Capecod, is a real cash slot brimming with adventure inside 5 reels and 25 winlines.

This cheesy setup might look less than impressive, but when you look closer, you realise that the aesthetics are pretty decent considering that this isn’t a brand new online game. However, the theme almost isn’t important so much as the content hidden inside of it – if you like considerable wins and low bets, you’ve come to the right place.

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Vast Canyon

Every good western themed slot needs a great location, and in The Masked Rider it’s a vast desert space with a canyon that needs crossing. There’s cacti everywhere, rivers running at the very bottom of the valley, and there’s groups of riders rushing past everyday; what a time to be alive!

As far as graphics go on the delivery of theme, Capecod have done a good job at making this an absorbing design, but without being overzealous. The end result could have been a lot more polished, but that isn’t always needed in order for a theme to be classed as high quality. If you’re interested in more sleek graphics, you may wish to look elsewhere. Capecod is a good brand, but it doesn’t always go that extra mile to ensure that their game is the top of the league.

Bucking Bronco

Sometimes the brand will go all out and provide a series of bonuses, and other times they’ll provide smaller variance instead; The Masked Rider falls into the latter category. Don’t be dismayed though, although this game isn’t rammed to capacity with diversity, the extras it has are decent enough to keep you entertained.

There are two riding icons on the grid, one of gold and the other of blue; you’ll need five of the golden coloured ones to access the free spins. When you do that, there’ll be several free games for you to savour, with the free spins symbols turning into wild icons, allowing for frequent wins. It’s a small offering from the brand, we know, but we actually like how understated the feature is, it feels more authentic somehow.

Where’s the Help You Need?

You may already know this concern about the brand already, if you’ve played the games from them before, but finding the paytable is pretty difficult. Normally it’s clearly labelled, or the ‘?’ is your means of help, and while the latter is still true in this game, the paytable is actually found via the trophy icon. When we first saw the symbol, we thought it was to see previous winners, which would make much more sense to us.

Mere Pennies

The games industry has a lot to offer out there, and not all of it is designed for the wider market. In fact, there’s some slot machines that only feel like they’re geared up to high rollers. Fortunately for us, The Masked Rider isn’t one of them, and so nearly every type of budget can play for real, that’s assuming you want to. There’s a demo version which can prove just as enjoyable, though obviously it’s lacking in the money department.

The starting figure is just 0.01 per line, leaving you with a min stake of 0.25 credits, and even if you go all the way to the top, you’ll only be paying 25 credits in total. Again, that’s a pretty decent pay-in for a slot machine – we’ve seen some that charge 1,000 coins just to get started!

Our Rider Revealed

The Masked Rider wasn’t as intense as we’d hoped for, especially after having seen the theme and expected high energy and adventure. Nonetheless, it’s a slot machine that delivers casual gaming in one of its easier formats – you don’t have to faff about (except for the paytable option) to find what you need.

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