Chance Interactive Online Slots

In a world filled with humungous online casino software providers that seem to dominate the industry, it’s easy to overlook the minor players who often fill in the gaps left in these larger collections. It’s not hard to see why this occurs; for the most part, these little studios that have yet to build up much of a reputation or a portfolio of games are also very hard to find, as few operators will have taken a chance on their products just yet.

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But sometimes, we’re surprised to find that one of the little guys has already make their mark on the industry. That’s certainly the case with Chance Interactive, a small Australian developer that first emerged on the market in 2014. At the moment, they only offer a handful of games directly, far too few to grab the attention of most casino sites. But they also offer other valuable services, and that has been enough to garner them plenty of attention, allowing them to partner with some of the biggest names in iGaming.

Chance Interactive Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Few Games, But Impressive Results

At the moment, the entire Chance Interactive portfolio, as described on their website, comprises all of four slot machines. That’s not a typo: this is possibly the smallest collection of games that we’ve seen anywhere on the Internet to this date, and it doesn’t seem like they are in a rush to expand this aspect of their business anytime soon.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at each game in the collection. The four games offer drastically different play and artistic styles, showing off the full range of what this company can do.

First, there’s Buster Hammer, a game all about a circus strongman. Presented against the backdrop of the inside of a circus’ center ring. It’s a five-reel game that uses a 243-ways format, allowing you to win on every single possible left-to-right combination. You’ll be matching many circus favorites like seals, elephants, and the strongman himself, along with his trusty hammer. Those hammers are wild, and they offer a random multiplier that is determined by watching Buster himself test his strength right next to the game area. Throw in a free spins game and additional random rewards, and you have a feature-filled game that is sure to delight players.

Bounty Hunt offers up a very different thematic look: a futuristic sci-fi world in which bounty hunters try to track down infamous criminals. It’s a 25-line games with some of the standard special features you’ll see in many slots: a free spins game with bonus wild symbols, for instance. But our favorite feature is the crosshair wilds system. On every spin, a random symbol will be turned into a wild. Depending on the symbol, you could even see other wilds appear: for instance, a pistol in the crosshairs will “shoot” another location and turn that wild as well, while a crosshair on a bounty hunter will turn one random symbol on every other reel wild as well.

Next up is Lolly Land, a game that appears to be modelled after the popular social game Candy Crush. This game uses sickeningly sweet graphics: the entire art package is made of candy canes, lollypops and gumdrops, and those are also the kinds of symbols you’ll be matching over the game’s 25 reels. Gummy bears (or jelly bears) act as wilds while hitting three will earn you three respins with expanded substitutes. A free spins game offers double the normal winnings, while the “taste me” game will have you pick candies in order to win prizes worth as much as 100x your original bet.

Finally, there’s also the American West-themed Canyon Cash, another 25-line game that is filled with cartoonish graphics and plenty of Wild West tropes. You’ll match cattle, snakes, bags of cash, and – of course – cowboys, who serve as a stacked substitute symbol throughout the game. A special free spins game gives the screen a nighttime look, though players will be more interested in the fact that during this bonus round, all wins are tripled.

That’s it: four excellent games that comprise the advertised list of Chance Interactive slots at the moment. It may be a small portfolio, but each game is crafted with a mix of interesting and innovative gameplay along with thematic, well-designed artwork. This is certainly a case of quality over quantity.

Valuable Work Leads to Major Partnerships

As we said at the top, it is difficult to imagine that many companies would normally be interested in partnering with a studio that has only released a handful of titles over a couple of years. But you may be surprised to see that Chance Interactive’s list of partners is rather large. For one, their games are part of NYX’s Open Gaming System, which carries content from a wide range of software providers. But many major operators have also tapped them for their products, including PokerStars, and BetVictor. In addition, the company has worked alongside names like NextGen and Lightning Box Games to develop further software.

In some of these cases, this doesn’t even mean that you’ll actually see the Chance Interactive games as a part of these arrangements. Instead, these other developers may be taking advantage of the studio’s alternative services, which don’t just include creating iGaming products wholesale. One of the more interesting services they provide is building the math around a game idea that has already been created. In other words, they’ll let someone else come up with the art and the theme and work on the math that powers it all, including coming up with multiple return to player (RTP) levels so that individual operators can have the power to customize what they give their players.

In addition, this firm also helps others integrate games and platforms together for both online and land-based operators, ensuring that systems work together to give customers the best experience possible. It’s likely that this sort of back end work has been just as critical to Chance’s success as their excellent slots.

Play Them, If You Can

While Chance Interactive hasn’t put together many games just yet, the ones that are out there are of very high quality. In particular, we have to give high praise to Bounty Hunt for its innovative wild system, which is a bit different than anything we’ve seen before. These games are all made with care and with a real attempt to stand out from the crowd, which is not something you can say for every developer.

Unless the company increases their output, chances are that most players will never run into these games, which is a shame considering how much we enjoyed them. That means that this developer will probably remain more important to the industry for what they do behind the scenes than for what gamblers actually see on casino sites. Still, if you get a chance to try out one or more of these slots, we think they are well worth your time.