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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Core Gaming is primarily known for slot machines, and in some respects that’s what Grabba Dabba Dough is, but it’s also an instant win, making it a rather unique online activity to interact with. In truth, nothing about this game is what we expected, and so it’s likely you’ll be as taken aback as we were, wondering how the paytable works and whether any features are up for grabs.

Although there’s no winlines and no reels, you’ll still be trying to get symbols to turn up, only instead of in a combo you just need to get one of them. What is more, should you get a special prize from the machine, you get free plays and sometimes extra cash. Nice one. From what we’ve said, this doesn’t sound like a game that can be appreciated until you play it, so let’s cut the chat and get working that claw.

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The Claw

Remember the aliens in Toy Story that worship the claw? Well, you’re about to be doing the same when it comes to this game, for its design is one big claw machine. If you have anger issues surrounding bad experiences with these arcade favourites, it might be best to look away because a lot of memories are going to come bubbling up to the surface.

The aesthetic of this machine is more cheerful than the real life ones we tend to see, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying or biased. The choice of design is perfect for the game though, and goes a long way in showing how creative Core Gaming can be; a staple must for a lot of gaming brands these days. To offer little variation is to go stale and stagnate, which nobody wants.

Missed Opportunity

Just because this is an online machine, doesn’t mean it’s going to be any easier to get those toys from one end of the screen to the other. In fact, we found that nine times out of ten we never managed to win, meaning we got the ‘Bad Luck’ flashing lights and had to try again. Not our best moment.

What we’re saying on a most basic level is that the difficulty here is just the same as if you’re playing in real money casinos; it feels like the game is rigged to go against you. And so, more times than not, you won’t make the drop point and the toy will never be banked as a win. Furthermore, it also means triggering any of the special extras becomes a hell of a lot harder – we never managed it.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Okay, so you won’t roll when you get the toy, but the principle of that saying can be applied here: you need to stop the claw, drop it and grab a toy, and then take it back to the exit, all without it falling. Although it’s frustrating, it gives you an authentic experience, where you’re in control of where the claw lands. In reality, it doesn’t make much of a difference because it dives into the pile of toys, often picking up one you didn’t even know was there, but we like the hands on experience.

Should you get the toy to where it needs to go, you’ll move down to the bottom of the claw machine and the prize will pop out. Then a lot of animated graphics will light up and the total of the prize will be given; don’t go expecting miracles, for this is a low payout game. We like the attention to detail, but after several tries, we value speed over exciting graphics.


Normally when a machine breaks down, it spells disaster for us, but in Grabba Dabba Dough, it means the claw could end up doubling what we win. The reason for this is because it can now pick up two toys instead of one. This is only a potential option though, for the claw machine might operate as normal, even despite the break, and so you get left with normal or no wins at all.

Grabba Dabba Don’t

Core Gaming may have gone all out to develop a fancy looking game, but in our opinion they needn’t have bothered. The variance they offer is decent enough, but actually accessing it is virtually impossible, not to mention you have the slow speeds of the gameplay itself. A great idea in theory, but then it wasn’t fully recognised or delivered in the best format, and so the game is a miss rather than a hit.