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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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We’ve seen some intriguing slot machine designs in our time, but 3-2-1 is by far the most unique, mainly because it has a clash of imagery that creates a vague magician theme. It sounds like a mess when you say it out loud, but as soon as you see the 5 reels, you realise how much magic is hiding in those winlines.

Sporting a 3×5 grid, offering autoplay and bonus rounds, it delivers nothing out of the ordinary save for its looks, and yet we can’t help but be charmed by it. There’s something truly different about the general experience you get from this slot, which in turn makes you want to play it even more. No doubt you’ll see what we mean for yourselves.

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Cute Mascot

Slot machines all have a different way of enticing in customers, and one of the ways in which 3-2-1 gets your attention is by having a cute but weird looking mascot named Dusty Bin. This feels like a rather childish approach to take for such an adult medium, but we gave the red nosed fella the benefit of the doubt, and found that he wasn’t all that annoying. Unnecessary, but not annoying.

He’s always in position on the right hand side of the matrix, as well as showing up in several symbols across the 20 winlines. Basically, you can’t escape him; bad news if you don’t like bins or red noses. All joking aside, he adds a quirky depth to this real cash slot, that suits the aesthetic well, but we wouldn’t say Dusty Bin made the game.

Three-Part Act

Endemol have spoilt users quite a bit when it comes to the features of the game, for there’s not one, not even two, but three bonuses to get your white gloved fingers on. All of them have Dusty Bin as the star act, but each of them have very different ways of getting those prizes for you.

  • Entertainer Bonus: You need to get over three of Dusty Bin in his top hat for this feature to begin. When it does you’ll experience a pick me selection where you collect different acts to add into your magic show; every act brings with it a cash prize.
  • Eliminator Bonus: Sinister as this may sound, this round is about choosing five of the nine clues shown to you to get the win, but don’t find Dusty otherwise you’ll lose. Again you need three or more symbols, though this time of sign holding Dusty Bin and not the top hat kind.
  • Free Spin Bonus: This is the only round that needs little explanation, for you get both spins and multipliers when you select from the bins shown. As you’d expect with such a process, some of the prizes are greater than others, with you having no say in which size of win you get.

Disappearing Money

Nobody wants to see their money go bye bye with no good reason, and so we suggest you play with the lowest value bet going, which so happens to be 0.20 credits. You could pay with the maximum stake of 500 coins, but why bother – it doesn’t affect the paytable, and so you’re risking more cash than you actually need to.

Furthermore, you then have to take into account the volatility of the title. 3-2-1 is of a medium to high difficulty, and so you won’t want to go throwing cash about like candy when you have such a challenge ahead of you. Savour that accessibility of the betting threshold and play it safe with your wallet.

Closing Act

3-2-1 shouldn’t work as a theme, that much is clear, for it looks like a throwback from the 80s, with some questionable 90s cartoons added in… and yet it works so well. The gameplay is varied, though the difficulty is a little too high for some people’s liking, but overall it’s a decent all rounder.