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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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It looks like the 80s never left when you play Catch Phrase, a real cash slot machine from Endemol, based on the hit game show of the same name. Seeing as the television series was first released back in 1986, we think the chosen theme is most in-keeping, and perfectly embodies what the show was all about.

As if the well thought out theme wasn’t enough, there’s then three bonus rounds for you to play along with, giving users nothing short of one feature after another. If you’ve played other Endemol titles, like 3-2-1, you’ll recognise the familiar three set bonus, not that it necessarily takes away from the variance here.

Chip – the yellow mascot of the show – will fly, walk and run throughout the game to get you to the highest payout possible, with the most coming from any one symbol being worth 500 credits. So why not just say what you see and get playing.

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Beat Your Opponent

There’s always the need to outsmart another when playing a real cash slot, but normally your opponent is unseen, nothing more than a luck based system. But in Catch Phrase, you have to play against another during one of the bonus rounds.

In reality, there’s still no ‘other person’, but the fact that there feels like there is one makes for an exciting experience; you’re compelled to play harder and faster in a bid to win. You don’t want someone else getting your cash.

The Catch Phrase Bonus consists of five rounds, mimicking that of what was actually seen in the TV show. It’s not quite as immersive as the real experience, but it’s as close as you can get via a slot machine. What we take issue with is that to ‘guess’ the correct answer, you have to spin the wheel and have it land on the right colour – that just doesn’t feel authentic enough for us.

Running up That Hill

Okay, so in fact, you’ll be running up a pyramid, which seems out of place to us, but that’s the aim of the game when playing the Super Catch Phrase Bonus. The idea is to make your way to the top, without any hiccups, but as we all know, nothing goes that smoothly in online gaming.

The higher you go the better the payouts will be, but don’t expect anything to be handed to you on a platter, for this game isn’t too forgiving; we struggled to get past the first couple of stages.

Old Fashioned Is Always In

There’s something that has to be said about the old way of doing slot machines, which is probably why Endemol put in a bonus round including free spins. Like you may have seen in 3-2-1, you need to discover games and multipliers along the way, only this time round you use a buzzer to collect them.

When you look at this in the grand scheme of the game, it’s the dullest out of all three rounds, but after two rather innovative levels, it’s quite nice to have something so easy to play and adapt to. This level is a no brainer, and we like that it was included in among the other features.

Better Left in the Past

When any game attempts to breathe new life into a popular, much beloved series, we get tense – how can it ever be as good as the original? This is how we felt when we played Catch Phrase. It’s got good dynamics, and it plays well when all things considered, but there’s just something about it that feels off.

For us, it feels like this show should have been left alone, for a simple slot machine can never capture what it was all about. The styling may be there, and it parts it touches home to the good ol’ days, be it’s too little for us to really pay true homage to the original.

If you have to get your fix, and it has to be an 80s game show fix at that, you’ll never find better than this title. But other than that, we’d leave it be.