Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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As players of slot machines, most of us will try anything at least once. However, when it comes to a title like Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches, you’re usually here because of your appreciation of the original game on which the slot is based.

If you’ve played with Endemol before, you may have already engaged with a couple of their other Deal or No Deal based slots – Dream Factory and World Slot. This version is probably the most true to the TV series, though in being so in-keeping a lot of oomph is lost and the matrix becomes a boring 3×5 grid. If you play this after playing Dream Factory, you’re going to feel like you’ve gone from owning a pony to owning a donkey, such is the difference.

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Your Master

Let’s face it, the Banker holds all the cards when you’re playing this game; you may be able to outsmart him every now and again, but normally he wins. Bearing that in mind, you might want to brace yourself when you manage to enter the Reel Banker Feature; a choice title don’t you think?

This is essentially an extra spins level, but with the appearance of the Banker icon on the middle reel being the sign that the end is nigh. We actually appreciate the simplicity of the level, but we have to admit that so much more could have been done to spice up this round, like opening boxes and receive surprise phone calls. No matter, the basics do the same job, if not as interestingly.

Take It or Leave It

Just as in the real game, the Banker isn’t done with you yet. During The Banker’s Best Offer you’ll be given a selection of prizes to choose from, with a total of 10 opportunities. One of these options is x20 of what you first bet; can you imagine the win size if you play with the maximum stake?!

You can choose whether to yay or nay the options given, but you’ll never be certain whether the next offer will be as good as the last, and so it’s all one giant risk feature. We found the experience terrifying, and we were only playing in the demo mode. Should you get to the 10th offer and still not be satisfied (you awkward customer, you), you’ll simply be rewarded that offer as a standard gift. When it comes to this level, maybe don’t leave everything up to the hands of fate…?

Flawed Controls

Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches has been rather enjoyable so far, but there’s one niggling problem that we can’t overlook – the maximum bet widget. We tried to use it but it just set the reels into motion without changing the betting range, which begs the questions as to why it’s even there. The whole point of the option is to cut out the needless tapping, yet we had to do that anyway.

That being said, as we played in the demo mode and not the play for real, we can’t be certain that this is an issue only isolated in the play for fun game. But even so, it’s a poor design feature to have, regardless of what version you interact with; those gaming for free should get to experience the same as everyone else. Minus the real cash, of course.

Richie Rich

It’s no wonder the Banker is such a wealthy man when you look at all the ways he picks at your brains in a bid to do you out of money; it would be sinister if we was a real person. Thank goodness he isn’t!

Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches is our favourite of all the Endemol slots to date, and it’s because it doesn’t get overzealous with what it delivers. It gives high variance and medium volatility, but in a friendly, undaunting format, making it ideal for novice and experienced users alike.