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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Golden Balls from Endemol is an odd game to place, for it has some mechanics of a slot machine, but also of an instant win as well. As a result, we’re left with an inbetween title that delivers on several levels, but in the grand scheme of things lacks clear variance and depth.

For those of you perhaps too young (or, more likely, too cool) to know the name of this game show, it was around between the years 2007 and 2009. As you can tell from that limited timeline, the show wasn’t exactly a hit, and the aim of the game soon became uninteresting to both contestants and viewers alike. Hopefully the same won’t happen here.

As there are no reels to play with, and in fact no winlines, the wager you make can be as cheap or as large as you like. However, once set it can’t be changed until a new game is started, which is more limiting than what you may be used to.

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Elimination Time

After you’ve set your bet total, you’ll be shown your own set of balls, and then receive a glance of the first two of three other players; your job is to eliminate the one you think holds the most killer balls. Getting rid of those ticking time bombs is the best way to keep your final payout a decent size.

This process is largely down to luck, arguably more so than in the base game of any slot machine, and so it’s best to think of this as a pick me bonus. You’ll have a second round immediately after the first that follows the same format as this, then it’s onto a new stage of the game.

Your Best Five

Once you’ve got rid of some other players, it’s down to you to pick your winning five balls. These babies hold the key to the size of win you’re going to take home, so select carefully. You’ll never know for sure where a killer ball lurks or not, and so you just have to try and use your intuition.

Getting any killer balls is bad because, as the game states, they will reduce your win by a huge 90%, a sting you’ll definitely feel. However, the larger your bet, the worse the outcome will be should you keep landing those blighted balls. Once you’re done and have chosen your five, for better or for worse, the final round will begin.

Head to Head

You’re about to go to war with the last contestant, so make sure it counts. The rules of this round are by far the simplest, but they can spell disaster for you within an instant. Gamers need to decide whether they split the winnings or steal them, however there’s plenty of catches to those options.

Firstly, if you split and they steal, you leave with nothing, but if you split and so do they, you leave with half of the winnings. Secondly, if you steal and they do, you both leave empty handed.

This is an instant loss or win, so the suspense isn’t nearly as tangible as you may have hoped for. Ah well, the game is now done and you can be better prepared for the next time around.

Fun but Fleeting

Golden Balls is a great game to play, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s speed of play makes it a very short lived experience; in just a few short clicks you’ve seen all that there is to see.

What is more, if you was looking for a slot machine like the classics, you’re going to be stumped and then disappointed with this one; this is the first instant win we’ve come across from the Endemol brand. It’s refreshing on one hand, but then it’s not what we asked for on the other. Nonetheless, give it a shot before you dismiss it entirely.