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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Endemol are back in action when it comes to this instant win game, and they’re doing so with a format similar to that which you saw in Golden Balls, also developed by them. The brand is seen (mostly) as a slot machine company, but it seems that they have a knack for other types of gaming as well, with this one a firm case in point.

For those of you that came looking for a real cash slot, you’ll no doubt be disappointed, but The Million Pound Drop actually has some elements of slot machines that you may be able to adapt to. This online activity may not have reels or winlines, but it has trap doors and rounds, which is sort of the same thing.

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Make an Entrance

When it comes to intro clips, the number of games that bother compared to those that don’t are few and far between – some see the feature as a hindrance, whilst others welcome the engagement. As you would expect, a lot of it comes down to the game and its theme, like this instant win for example; the introduction helps bring the game to life.

The reason it works so well is because it uses the actual opening credits seen in the TV series; this then makes you feel like a genuine contestant rather than a virtual one. Such a subtle decision and yet it impacts on the entire atmosphere of the game. That being said, after several playthroughs, you might begin to tire of seeing the same clip again; fortunately, there’s the skip option.

Shut That Door!

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no winlines to engage with, but there are trap doors; they reduce/increase the difficulty of the game. The only issue with this is that, in the case of The Million Pound Drop, you’re not sure which works out better for you, having less or more options.

This is due to the fact that you split the money you’re playing with, so when you risk 100 credits, you split it across however many doors you have selected. Personally, we prefer having more chances of winning than losing, and yet less trap doors means less time wondering whether you’ve lost all of your cash or not. It’s such a complicated set of emotions to feel in such a short space of time.

What’s Your Stake?

Betting here doesn’t impact on a paytable but on the top prize you can walk away with. The lowest you can wager is 0.50, which lends itself to a 200-credit prize. However you can increase your risk factor by topping that stake all the way to 1,000 credits, giving you a potential 400,000 win.

Of course, as you place the money and watch it drop away, your final payout will be reduced accordingly. And so you have to ask yourself whether a big bet is worth all that risk.

Kiss Your Cash Goodbye

We’re not sure whether this game is kind enough to never drop any of your cash, but it seems unlikely given how many times we watched as our finances fell away. Yes, that’s part of the thrill, but at the same time, it always amazed us how the doors with the most cash placed on them always opened up…

This is why splitting your cash wisely is a must – will you simply place the whole amount on one door, or will you break it down into 10 stages and spread the pain out equally? Should you have some form of cash left, however small, you’ll go on and play another round. But should you lose everything then you’ll have to make a bet again.

Poundland Drop

The Million Pound Drop is great as a TV show, and in some ways it works well as an instant win, but the excitement factor soon runs out, and so we get bored and move on. This is similar to how we felt when playing Golden Balls; the longevity just isn’t there for this to be a regular game on your playlist.