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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Wrestling fans should start lining up to get in on the action of this match, brought to you by Endemol sponsors, as it’s set to be the sporting event of the decade; UFC Online Slot is a beast of a game.

As you’ll note from the name alone, this is a niche themed real cash slot, meaning that those not fond of wrestling or UFC may as well call it quits now and go home. You may be able to look past the boxing references, but we think it’ll be quite the slog in doing so, as this is an immersive design. You choose your fighter for instance – you’re putting your stakes on their abilities, and so if you don’t know their track record, it could spell big losses for you.

Based in a 3×5 ring, this game has two bonus rounds as well as a smashing wild symbol, however we most enjoy the introductory section, where you have to choose your champion. It adds something to the slot that so many others lack; it feels personalised on a whole new level.

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The Right Man for the Job

There’s 12 men up for selection at the start of this game, which means that you’re somewhat spoilt for choice. Each of them have their own flaws, fighting styles, and unique merits, but you’ll only be aware of these if you know the fighters from having watched the real UFC. Therefore, anyone not familiar with the sport is going to be at a huge disadvantage.

When you first select your fighter, little changes in the layout of the matrix, other than that man is now positioned slightly behind the reels on the left hand side. However, your fighter will soon come into play once you enter one of the two bonus rounds. As a result, if you never activate said rounds, you may find the selection process worthless as it has no real impact other than inside the special features.

Round One

Although not the main bonus of the game, the Training Feature arguably comes before the main event because of what it entitles; you’re building up to your big match. When you get three or more of the appropriate symbol, you’ll have to win your way through a round of fights. Once you’re the victor of them, you’ll be granted access to the free spins; collect no gold stars and you’re out.

Who you’ll go up against is hidden from view, though we know that a total of six are up for challenging you; the more you win the more games you get to experience. Not to mention you can retrigger as many as 15 extra rounds during your first bout of spins.

Round Two

The most memorable of the features is the Fight Night Bonus, and as you may have guessed already, your champion goes up against another fighter in a bid to walk away the victor. Think of this as a simplified, and less bloody, version of Mortal Kombat.

To work out which move you and your opponent will land next, you have to spin a wheel filled with various well know moves and techniques; as such, the risk factor is off the charts. You could know that you want to land one move, but end up with another, which could lead your challenger to beat you. It’s a hard-hitting bonus round, but it seems rather fitting given how brutal the sport can be.


Dynamics wise, this is a cleverly thought out real cash slot that gives you the chance to coach some of the best names in the business. That being said, this slot isn’t nearly as engaging as it could have been; the fight round for one being the most mixed experience of them all. On one hand you get to test the fighter you picked against another, but then you get such a haphazard way of selecting the moves that you’re not really in control.

This is a good game for the money, but it could have been designed much better, though nobody can take away from its ambitious attempt at addressing a gap in the sports themed slot market.