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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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We’re going back in time, to a period when royalty was all that ruled the land, and to be a peasant was to be the lowest of the low. But fear not our fellow gamers, for The King is a generous one, brought to you by the royal hand of Endorphina. In this slot you’ll get extra games, and pay but a small fee to become part of the gentry.

Having played with the brand before, we know what to expect from them, which is always much of the same: impressive graphics, of a unique style, but a low variance paytable. That is what you’re getting here. Even though it sounds less than ideal, the dynamics of the matrix ensure that you have a pleasant if not over exhilarating playthrough.

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King of the Castle

Becoming the chief of this real cash slot not only takes noble birth, but lots of patience too, for achieving a three of a kind scatter combo isn’t easily done. Many brave knights have attempted to do this and have failed miserably, normally in front of their betrothed. Can you imagine the scandal and shame?

The scatter symbol is that of a lion emblem, one that obviously belongs to a royal household. You’ll need between three and five of these symbols if you’re to enter into the arena of 15 free games. It’s worth knowing that you can create a win of just two of the icons, but that won’t get you more than a credits payout. Once inside the free games, your wins will be gifted with a x3 multiplier, allowing for greater returns.

Wearing the Crown

In addition to the roaring lion and its might, you have the shining golden crown, the epitome of royalty. To obtain this precious symbol, you need to make a win involving two or more wilds, all of which are substituting other tiles. When you achieve this, you’ll receive doubled wins, once again meaning you leave richer and more fulfilled.

This is but a small offering from Endorphina, and one that we feel could have been made more worthwhile, though this is assuming you want more than cash rewards. If all you long for is wealth, you’re looking at a max payout from this tile worth 90,000 credits, assuming you play with the max bet of 100 rather than the min of 10.

Risky Business

Sometimes you can challenge The King, though why you’d risk such anger is beyond us, however the option is there for all you brave (foolhardy) knights. Launching the gamble option is extremely simple, as you’ll be prompted to select the feature after every win; by taking the risk you enter into a card game.

The rules of the game are simple: pick a higher value card than the suit shown and your funds will increase, fail to do so and you’ll leave empty handed. You can walk away whenever the going gets tough, which helps make the process much easier on your nerves. In terms of difficulty, you’re looking at low to medium, a level which is maintained throughout the entire game.

The Fair Maiden

Should you be looking to continue upon your quest in becoming the ultimate knight, but feel that The King can only get you so far, you may want to try Knights and Maidens. The slot, created by 888 Games, is a mobile friendly option like this one, but it offers bonus rounds as well as free spins.

We’d say that the graphics are more busy than what you see here, but they’re just as aesthetically pleasing and in-keeping. Endorphina has the edge in style, but they are a company focused on contemporary, forward-thinking entertainment, so it makes sense for them to lead the way.

Long Live the King

As far as experiences go, The King isn’t the most intense one we’ve enjoyed, nor is it the most stimulating, and yet it wins us over with its fairy tale medieval charm. We could surrender ourselves to the 5-reels of this slot machine for hours at a time, mainly because of how rewarding the paytable can be. If you need a quick fix, want mobile compatibility, and like low variety, this is straight on the money.