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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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Vampires, like ghosts, have been a staple part of our society since we can remember; no matter where you live, you know of some tale involving blood sucking and the undead. Some of us even thrive on the idea of such monsters living among us. Consequently, we tend to lap up any game that delivers horror, which is probably why The Vampires is so popular.

In terms of the matrix as a whole, the game is one of the better we’ve seen from the brand, as shown in the level of variance offered. Usually you’re given free spins and that’s about it, but here you get that and a bonus round; we can really sink our teeth into that! So while the moon is still full and the night young, we’re going to climb out of our coffins and onto the 5-reels.

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Crimson Red

Getting the colour of blood right seems to be a tough element for brands, whether that be in TV, film or comics, it can just look so fake. But in The Vampires, Endorphina have managed to get a brilliant crimson tone that has us all thinking about goblets filled with the liquid of life itself.

Not only do you have the correct choice of palette, but you have a highly engaging interface to play with, with most of the imagery animated in one way or another. It’s certainly stimulating, causing the blood to pump around the veins a little faster every time you look at it. As for the location, that’s inside the castle belonging to some creepy Count, with his mistresses all but ready to gobble you up.

I Give You Life

The goblet is the first symbol we want to draw your attention to, for it’s the bonus symbol of the game, delivering a pick me style section when the round is triggered. You’ll need at least three of the icons to get started, and up to five if you’re going all out. In terms of returns expected, this appears to be a mini game feature only, and not one that rewards money prior to starting the level.

We actually didn’t get to play the bonus first hand, but we have seen other gamers fortunate enough to do so, and so we know what to expect. The basis of the round is to wake up all the sleeping vampires you can, each of which will gift you prizes. There’s extras to pick up along the way, but that’s the bare bones of this bonus.

Taking Life Away

When it comes to the generosity of this title, you have the scatter icon which is the bringer of death, as opposed to the cup of blood bonus tile, which is the life giver. The vamp digging into his supper brings with it 10 extra spins, as well as that x3 multiplier we love Endorphina for.

If we were reviewing this slot and the spins were the only feature, we’d be commenting on how lacklustre the paytable is, but thanks to the bonus round, these free spins now feel substantial. We feel spoilt for choice, which is never a bad thing. As you pay between 25 and 250 credits for a punt, we feel you’re getting quite a lot of bang for your buck. Even more so if you’ve got the money to flash, for the payouts are increased tenfold.

Blood Thirsty

Seeing as you’re playing The Vampires, it makes sense to think that you have a real thirst for the nightlife and deadly allure of immortality. If that is your jam, it’s okay as we have a backup for when the reels of this slot machine come grinding to a halt. It’s called Dark Thirst. The title has been created by 1×2 Gaming, and is pretty much an exact match gameplay wise: there’s free games, the same number of winlines, and so on.

Eternally Yours, The Vampires

Endorphina have delivered a spooky online game that has a lot of power behind it – it has raw energy, as well as a varied paytable. Even the graphics look and play well, which ultimately makes the experience that more enjoyable. We can’t find any faults with this slot machine, though we’re sure there’s some lurking about somewhere.