Evoplay Online Slots

The general trajectory of a successful online casino software provider isn’t much different than in any other industry. You start out small, providing some sort of an innovative or interesting product that users or clients want. Word of mouth spreads, and you grow into a larger firm that can provide a wide range of products and customers for the long haul.

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But that’s not the only path to success. Sometimes, companies simply survive and even thrive as small businesses, content to offer up a small number of games to a handful of their most loyal clients rather than become a major player in the iGaming world. One such example is EvoPlay, a small developer that was first founded in 2003. Based out of Kiev, Ukraine, the firm was started by a group of entrepreneurs who had previous experience in the gaming industry, and claims to have since built up into an international company through a series of mergers and alliances.

Despite their claims of having their games available to millions of players through hundreds of companies, this is a relatively small-scale operation – at least in the universe of iGaming. EvoPlay is available through just a handful of sites, many of which are primarily available in Russian, making that nation and others in the region their primary targets. And while they offer up only a small number of slot machines, they do have a full platform that allows their clients the opportunity to start small and add additional content as they grow.

A Dozen Games for Slots Lovers

EvoPlay doesn’t create the full range of games that you’ll find at a full online casino. Instead, they specialize in a miniature library of slots, with 12 currently available for players to choose from at sites that carry this lineup.

While that might sound small and disappointing, there’s still a lot of fun to be found here. The various titles show an excellent variety of thematic elements, and the graphics are often both inventive and detailed, drawing out the theme of each machine in a number of different ways, some of which are quite impressive.

For instance, we were blown away by the presentation of the game Battle Tanks. Set against the backdrop of a ruined city at the end of a major conflict, players are presented with a downright haunting scene: rain is constantly falling around the reels, and grim music only adds to the atmosphere – one that takes the idea of a war-torn metropolis seriously, even as it uses the theme for the purposes of gambling.

In terms of the game itself, this is a nine-line, five-reel slot that uses the standard 3×5 layout for the reels. Players will most frequently see the poker ranks from tens through aces on the screen, but they can make even more money by matching military equipment like artillery, trucks, and tanks. As usual, there are wilds that can help make winning combinations and scatters that both earn prizes and can trigger a free spins game with triple the normal winnings. There’s also a bonus feature that will have you hunting and destroying enemy tanks, collecting prizes for each one you can finish off.

Next up is Monster Lab, a game in which an error in the lab turns an ordinary scientist into a not-so-horrifying monster who looks something like a purple squid creature. Set entirely within the confines of a laboratory, players will be matching all sorts of weird creations over 20 lines and five vats that serve as the reels for this title. Each of the monsters you’ll see has its own very distinctive and unique design, an awesome touch that really helps bring this slot machine to life. The standard scatters and wilds are also included in the lineup to increase your chances of winning.

There are also two special features that can be triggered. Three or more scatters starts a free spins game, in which players can earn up to 25 free plays. It’s also possible to enter a pick ‘em feature if you hit three or more bonus symbols. The more you find, the more picks you get, with each selection earning you instant credits.

Another slot that we really enjoyed was Aeronauts, a game that creates a world in which steampunk-style airships rule the sky. Once again, this is a machine that really throws itself all into its theme, with everything from weather vanes to cannons and compasses dotting the lines of the game.

The 20-line, five-reel format may seem to suggest that EvoPlay uses the same gameplay elements again and again, but this is a machine that includes a few twists. For instance, the normal wild is also supplemented by a second substitute that comes with a 2x multiplier, and a special star symbol can be collected over time to add up to a bonus win. Finally, while this machine has the typical free spins game, it is one that comes with a little bit of added intrigue, as extra bonuses can earn you more spins or a bigger multiplier on all of your prizes.

These three games give you a pretty good idea of what EvoPlay has to offer. They may not have a portfolio filled with hundreds of different titles, but the machines they have produced are some of the better ones we’ve played recently, combining quality construction and presentation with enough special features to keep even gambling veterans happy.

Given the small size of their collection, we can give you a complete listing of their offerings. The other titles in the collection include:

Platform Allows for Easy Integration

No matter how much you love the handful of games provided by this company, it would be hard to imagine that this could serve as the basis of an entire casino. That’s why the games are offered up as part of a gaming platform that can serve as a basis for an Internet gambling site that would include software from a variety of providers.

This platform is designed to be modular, which includes pieces that are able to handle all of the functions of a gaming site. That means a premade customer service call center, marketing materials, banking, content management and much more can all be handled from their platform. Of course, operators can also simply add these games to an existing system: you’ll often see EvoPlay’s titles alongside those from designers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Greentube, and Novomatic.

Small Time Designer with Big Time Games

EvoPlay won’t be at the top of the list for any player who is looking for a diverse, exciting list of slots to play: there just aren’t enough games in the library full the company to fill that role. Given their limited reach throughout the industry, it’s also true that many players are likely to go their entire lives without getting the chance to play any of these games, at least for now.

But that doesn’t mean that the company hasn’t put together an excellent product in a lot of ways. While they haven’t expanded their collection much in recent years, the titles that they do have available are all top-notch, inventive and unique. With their growing presence in the Russian market and a smattering of sites elsewhere that are also carrying these games now, we expect more players to find and enjoy this library of slots in the near future.