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There’s nothing better than winning real money at an online casino. In a single spin you can win thousands of dollars. Within a couple of days, you can electronically transfer your winnings out of the casino and into your bank account or virtual wallet.

But which methods are best, and how can you be sure of getting your money fast? Most casinos make withdrawing super-easy but not all offer super-fast cash-outs. With a little homework and the right banking methods you can insure your withdrawals are lightning-quick.

How Online Casino Withdrawals Work

You’ve had a good day at your favourite online casino: you’ve won a big jackpot and you have $1,000 sitting in your account. Rather than let the casino sit on the cash, you want the money back in your bank right away.

Cashing out is simple: visit the Cashier and select the withdrawal method you want to use to cash the money out. Initially, there will be a processing period – usually around 24-48 hours. This gives players time to change their minds (if they want to) or continue gambling with the funds. But it also gives casinos time to verify identities so that the cash is going to the right bank account.

Get A Good Grasp Of Gambling Processing Times

Once processed, your money will take anywhere from 1-28 days to reach you, depending upon your banking option. There will also be a minimum withdrawal limit, which can be a lot higher than the amount you originally deposited. Some methods are quicker than others. Online E-Wallets tend to be quickest, and you’ll find your cash back in your wallet within 1-2 days. Debit and credit cards can be a little longer, around 3-5 working days. A bank transfer or a personal cheque can take a few weeks.

It’s important to check your casino’s Cashier first for a complete list of processing times. Usually, VIP customers can enjoy much faster cash-out times (where the casino sucks up any extra processing fees themselves). If you are struggling with a slow cash-out, always contact the Customer Support team who will advise. Be sure to check out our ‘Safest Online Casinos‘ page if you want reassurance of where the best place to keep your money is.

Some casinos offer ‘weekend cash-outs’, treating a Saturday or Sunday as a working day. These are great options as you won’t be waiting an extra day or two on top of your normal process time.

Here are the typical cash-out times for some of the more popular methods:

  • Debit/Credit Card: 3-5 days
  • Bank Transfer: 2-10 days
  • Personal Cheque/Check: 28 days
  • E-Wallet: 1-2 days

Making A "Reverse Withdrawal"

So, what if you make a withdrawal request and change your mind? Luckily, most casinos have a ‘Reverse Withdrawal’ or ‘Reverse Pending’ option. As mentioned, there is a small period between you making a withdrawal request and the casino processing it. It could be anywhere from 12 hours to four days. During that time, players have the option to make a “reverse” and keep the cash in their account.

It’s a good option for casinos who want to avoid those hefty processing fees and also for gamblers who decide they want to carry on playing after all.

Understanding The Manual Flush

Some online casinos allow “manual flushing” if they have a long reverse time. A manual flush gives the player the control to skip the processing period and get the cash out straight away. Usually, manual flushing is available on request – simply visit the Customer Support team again and ask for the withdrawal to be “flushed”.

It’s worth noting that if you use an e-Wallet, the withdrawal is usually instant so a manual flush may not be needed.

Benefits Of Fast-Paying Casinos

No-one wants to wait for their winnings. But no-one wants mistakes or to pay heavy fees, either. Luckily, most good licensed casinos will generally waive fees when you cash out. They also have top security protocols in place to make sure the transactions are protected. If you have a single bankroll that you are moving around from one casino to another, a fast withdrawal is essential so you can re-invest the cash, take advantage of a new casino bonus or pay off that credit card bill in super-fast time.

Don’t forget that many casinos grant faster cash-outs to their VIP players. By joining a loyalty programme and rising up the ranks you can earn special benefits like access to a VIP manager, special bonuses, and withdrawal times to die for.

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