Felix Gaming Online Slots

Typically, the life cycle of an online casino software provider follows a pretty predictable arc. First, a company emerges, with a few games and perhaps a platform on which to serve them to potential client. Next, a few operators decide to take a chance on them, and their games are released to the public. If they prove popular or profitable, more companies might partner with them, and their footprint grows larger.

But that’s not the only path such a firm can take. For instance, take the story of Felix Gaming, a relatively new online gambling software developer that first emerged onto the world in February 2017. The UK-based studio doesn’t seem to have its own website as of yet, and there’s very little information about their background or practices anywhere else on the Internet. Through press releases, it appears that they have a history with land-based slot machines, though it is hard to say much in terms of detail among that.

However, they do have a partnership with one major online gambling site, and that’s how they came to the attention of the world. Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with this casino, the small library of Felix Gaming can now be enjoyed by gamblers; the only question is whether or not they will eventually move on to other sites as well.

Felix Gaming Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Small But Substantial Collection

When you load up a Felix Gaming title, you’ll see a very slick opening screen that includes a professional logo. That might make this seem like a large and well-established player in the iGaming world, but looks can be deceiving. This company has produced just three games, all of which appear exclusively at SlotsMillion, at least for the time being.

Considering that there are well over 1,000 different games on that website, it would be easy to overlook these options: they are definitely a small fish in a large pond. Still we think that these machines are well worth looking into for most slots fans. While the three games each feature a different theme and are stylistically different, they share a high level of quality in terms of both design and gameplay details.

The simplest of the three titles is Fruity Mania, a slightly expanded take on the typical fruit-based machine that has been popular throughout the gaming world for a century or more now. The first thing you’ll notice when you open this game is the shiny, bright nature of the graphics: all of the fruit and other symbols are designed to look as slick and glossy as possible. The whole game has a tropical look to it, with blended greens and yellows forming the background and plenty of little details, like a fruity drink and a bamboo frame around the reels themselves.

The gameplay takes place on a five-reel, 20-payline format, where the object is to match symbols from left to right across your active lines. Most of the symbols are, of course, fruit: everything from the classic cherries and lemons to less common slots fare like bananas and apples. While the game is light on bonus features, there is a scatter symbol – a seven – that can earn you up to 500x your spin bet.

A more complex option is available in Lines of Magic. This machine uses the same five-reel, 20-line format described in the last game, this time in a magically-themed setting that appears to be the study or laboratory of a wizard. The entire game crackles with mystical energy, both in the bold color choices and the animations that occur after many wins.

Once again, the basic gameplay is pretty standard: you’ll match nines through aces along with gems, wizards, and other magical icons from left-to-right in order to score prizes. An ancient book is the wild symbol, which can either help making winning combinations or create large payouts on its own if you can match several in a row.

The main difference here is that there are two special features that help spice up the action. First, there’s an ongoing mini game in which players are tasked with collecting potions on the reels. Each potion you see during a session is added to your tally; capture 35, and you’ll get one free spin in which three of the reels will turn wild, guaranteeing some very large prizes. Additionally, hitting three or more scatter symbols will earn you 10 more conventional free spins, during which all of your prizes will be doubled.

The final game in this collection is Pharaoh’s Temple, one of the many, many Egyptian-themed titles that are so common throughout iGaming today. In this case, you’ll be playing within what looks to be an ancient temple (naturally), one that includes plenty of hieroglyphics and inscriptions on the walls and columns of the building.

The symbols themselves are also designed to evoke this theme: though you’ll once again start with queens, kings, aces and other poker ranks, bigger prizes come from thematically Egyptian icons like ankhs and scarabs, among others. There’s even a pharaoh symbol that acts as an expanding wild, which can cover an entire reel whenever it lands on the screen. The main special feature is a pick-a-prize style bonus that is triggered by hitting three or more scatters at once.

Overall, this collection is not going to turn any heads, but that’s more about its size than the quality of the offerings. Each individual game is pretty solid, and some users might even count one or more of them amongst their favorites in the SlotsMillion lineup, but the small size of the library here means there isn’t really much to talk about when it comes to the portfolio as a whole.

Lack of Website Makes For Scant Details

The fact that Felix Gaming lacks a website is a surprising fact, and one that makes it difficult to talk about their operations in much detail. The only information about the company seems to have come from SlotsMillion themselves, mostly in an announcement of the exclusive partnership between the two groups.

As such, we’re at a bit of a loss when it comes to exactly what this company expects to do going forward in the industry. We’ve seen no information that suggests they have appeared at any industry trade shows, or plan to in the future, and they haven’t made any announcements about new games or plans to bring their offerings to other sites. The one thing we are sure of is that they have partnered with at least one reputable operator, so we know that they are at least working with companies that can be trusted thus far.

Good Games on a Large Site

Because of the limited scope of their operations, Felix Gaming is unlikely to become a favorite of the iGaming community anytime soon. With just three slots to their name, even those who find themselves in love with each of these games will quickly move on to other, larger collections after they get bored with these options.

But that doesn’t mean that what Felix has done so far is bad in any way. In fact, we have to give high marks to all of their slots so far, especially Lines of Magic. Quantity and quality are not the same thing, and while we can’t recommend this as your go-to library of games to play, we certainly think that our readers should check these titles out if and when they play at SlotsMillion in the future.