A Guide To Free-Play Casino Games

Free-play online slots and casino games are great if you don’t want to risk real money. They let players try out the latest games in a special ‘Practice Mode’ without you having to make a deposit. Often, casinos will let you try out free-play games without even registering an account.

Free-play is particularly good for online slots players. With so many thousands of games available online in 2016, it’s hard to know what to play. Every game has a different RTP (Return to Player) and the bonus rounds can differ wildly. How do you know how good that bonus feature is? Does it trigger that often? What are the jackpots like? With free-play games, you can get a feel of the game before trusting your dollars.

What Are Free-Play Games?

Free-play games and slots let you gamble at a casino without risking a penny. Once you’ve logged on, you can head to the games lobby and try out games by hitting the ‘Practice Play’ or ‘Free Money’ button. The casino will usually dish out a few hundred play credits. Once it’s spent it’s gone (although it will usually be reset if you log out and log back in to the casino). Free-play games work in the same way as real-money ones: you either install one from the download client or load one up in your web browser. Don’t expect to hit any of the big jackpots if you’re playing a progressive slot, however.

While there is pressure on gambling sites to put free-play games behind the registration process, for now it’s easy to test games out with just a few clicks.

Advantages Of Free-Play For Online Slots Gamblers

With so many 3D and classic slots on offer on the net, free-play games are a great way of finding profitable games without losing money. Even at small stakes, testing out real-money slots can be expensive over the long term. Free-play slots are a good way to find out which have low variance. Or, if you’re after the big wins, free-play gives you the chance to find the high-variance games that pay out irregular – but large – jackpots. Many casinos let you play free-play slots online without registering an account.

Once you’ve found a slot that pays out lots of regular wins, or has some decent Wilds that crop up a lot, you can make a deposit and give the games a try in the real-money lobby. Free-play works slightly differently to social slots. Typically, social games on Facebook or other social media platforms have RTPs that are skewed in favour of the player. These returns often drop massively once you switch to real-money versions at online casinos.


Accessing A No-Deposit Welcome Bonus

If you thought gambling on online slots without depositing couldn’t earn you any cash, think again. Many casinos offer no-deposit bonuses which give players a little free cash, just by playing selected slots. No-deposit bonuses may give slots players 10 or 20 spins. Whatever the player “wins” in credits will be matched with real money (as long as the casino wagering requirement is met). They are a great way to earn some cash without risking too much.