The Giant Slot

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As avid gamers, we’ve all come across a whimsical slot machine in our times – they’re the sort of game that makes the community what it is. Where would we even be without fairy tale slots? We digress. The point we’re making is that those types of themes are expected, and thus normally they come from a specific angle, but not when it comes to The Giant.

This is a BIG slot machine with a larger personality to match it, and it comes from the creativity of Fugaso, a brand fast becoming the new ‘it’ company of the online games sector. If you haven’t heard of them yet, we’re sure you will, and this slot machine right here will be your introduction. The 5 reels and 10 winlines of the title might seem small, but the aesthetic and features are anything but; this is a real cash slot that gets you excited to game.

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Utterly Charming

We come across a lot of slot machines, and so seeing an attractive interface isn’t usually anything to get overjoyed about, but when it comes to The Giant, we sort of have to. The aesthetic is so closely linked to the gameplay that one without the other simply wouldn’t work. If you’re playing this game alongside the review, then you’ll know what we mean, but if you’re not then we’ll try to explain it for you.

At the beginning of the title you watch as the giant upon the cliff’s edge jumps down into the valley, landing behind the house he owes. He then wraps his huge arms around the property, and the windows of the home become the squares of the grid. You see, you need the theme for the design and formatting to work, and so this truly is a vital piece of the gaming puzzle. The Giant is all about delivering a tale to you that you’d have heard as a child, and so we watch in awe as the giant makes his way through the paytable, his feature the best of them all.

Stomping Around

The heavy steps of the giant are going to be all you can think about once this slot machine is done with you, for his feet, or should we say boots, are the main feature of the entire game. They take the form of the wild icon, allowing other tiles to be switched out in order to make a winning combination. However, should the wilds land on the middle three reels, and then expand across the columns, you’ll experience a respin.

You can only ever get three respins in a row, which we grant you isn’t that thrilling when compared with interactive bonus rounds and pick me features. Nonetheless, it gives users something else other than the standard paytable to work towards, thus propelling the gameplay along to its conclusion. If that hasn’t got you convinced, we should add that wins are paid both ways, from left to right and vice versa, ensuring further happiness all round.

Kissing a Few Frogs

Sometimes with slot machines you have to kiss a few frogs in order to find your prince, an analogy that is even more relevant when you play the reels of Frogs Fairy Tale. This Mazooma title is one that not many of you will know, but it shouldn’t be underestimated – there’s 20 winlines, with a selection of bonuses, free spins and gamble options thrown into the mix. It’s a good all rounder for those of you that want a more in-keeping design for the theme we’re engaging with.

Personally, we prefer The Giant, for it’s more innovative and stimulating, but we accept that some of you will differ. What we will add though, is that the top pay-in is much cheaper for the Fugaso game, which stands at just 100 credits, whereas Mazooma charges as much as 10,000!

A Fairy Tale Come True

Fugaso has sold this real cash slot to us well – we just can’t get enough of it. The variance might be low to medium, as too the volatility, not to mention the paytable is short but sweet, and yet we’re still coming back for more. To have a game that manages that when the odds are stacked against it is most impressive indeed, and goes to show that while the visuals are amazing, they’re not all that’s keeping this big guy afloat.