Gamblify Online Slots

One of the challenges of the modern gaming industry is a fundamental issue: how do you turn people who aren’t yet playing your games into real money players? This has especially become an issue with younger players, who may be more into other types of games rather than slot machines or other casino fare. Some in the industry have used the word “gamblify” to talk about how to turn these gamers into true gamblers – an awkward term, perhaps, but one that’s certainly easy to understand.

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Gamblify also just happens to be the name of one of the more interesting online casino software providers in the country of Denmark. Headquartered in Copenhagen, this firm was formed in 2011 by Christian Uldall Pedersen. At the time, the company was a division of Jack-Pot, a large Danish slot machine firm. Today, the developer produces slots for both online and live casinos, as well as betting terminals for other real world venues.

Danish Treats

While iGaming wasn’t the initial focus for Gamblify, they have recently jumped into this arena by creating a number of slot machines that can easily be integrated into any casino website. They’re already on at least one site in Denmark, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them show up in other places before too long as well. That’s because these are interesting, engaging titles that use unique design features and some fun gameplay elements – though you might have to be able to read Danish to get the most out of them.

At the moment, there are six games in the online slots library developed by this studio. These games have some rather interesting themes: while a couple of them are fairly standard for the industry, others are wholly original, and there’s definitely an overall lighthearted, amusing feel to this collection. Throughout the various art styles used here, one thing that is constant is the commitment to quality: you’ll see bright and bold colors, detailed characters, and smooth animations throughout these machines.

Let’s Get Physical

Each Gamblify title provides a unique experience for players, which gives this little collection plenty of replay value. For instance, let’s take a look at Fitness Automaten (in English: Fitness Machines), which bills itself as “Denmark’s healthiest machine.” The game uses a highly stylized art style that reminds us of a mix between indie video games and the animation from South Park – the latter especially true when the game’s two exercising characters start talking to players. While this art style might seem simplistic, it’s actually quite attractive and striking on screen, with the minimalist design really giving this game its own distinct look and feel.

The object of the game is to match identical symbols from left to right across the five reels. Smaller wins come from decidedly unhealthy treats like cakes, pizza, and hamburgers, while bigger payouts are earned if you find workout equipment like dumbbells, boxing gloves, and a pommel horse, along with one of the game’s main characters, Jacob. Wild symbols offer players even more opportunities to win, while the bonus round has players try to get Jacob out of hiding so he’ll get back to his workout.

Outer Space Adventures

A more traditional theme is at play in Mælkevejen (Milky Way), a space-themed slot that is all about matching up various stars and planets across the reels. As with many games using themes like this, there’s a very ethereal feel to the design: the background moves to make players feel as though they are drifting through space, while the planets radiate energy and the stars twinkle on screen. Through in a beautiful purple and red color palette and some new age music, and you have a very atmospheric environment.

This game asks players to make matches from left to right over a 243 ways to win format. Stars of various colors offer smaller payouts, while bigger wins can be earned through various planets (again, mainly distinguished by color). Wilds and larger icons that can take up 2×2 or 3×3 areas enhance your ability to score big wins. The most important feature is the respin bonus that occurs whenever you make a winning combination. After your winnings are paid, you’ll get another free spin, with an increasing multiplier. Chaining these wins can cause these multipliers to increase all the way up to 10x, making for some huge payouts.

We’re not going to get into every game in the Gamblify portfolio, but it’s worth noting that all of the titles in this collection are of about the same level of quality, making this a fun group of games to play through. Other titles from this company include:

  • Cocktail Nights
  • Jokerens Slot Machine
  • Jacob’s Firmafest (Jacob’s Office Party)
  • Monstre fra Det Ydre Rum! (Monsters from Outer Space!)

On Land or Online

Gamblify may have an interesting iGaming offering these days, but they’re actually better known for their brick-and-mortar products that have shown up in casinos and other venues in Denmark. The studio has created a group of land-based slots – not the same games that are found in their Internet collection – that once again isn’t particularly large, but definitely features a god mix of themes, high-quality design work, and interesting gameplay features. These machines are housed on a platform that works on any operating system and can utilize any graphics hardware, allowing for maximum flexibility in both design and in how casino operators can utilize them both immediately and in the future.

In addition, the company has created some flexible software for betting terminals that is designed to be embedded in a variety of different devices. The operating system is the same one used in the supplier’s slot machines, and the terminals can be easily integrated with any back office platform that an operator might be utilizing. These terminals can be used in order to support sports betting or other uses, and can also be connected with a rewards program and wallet system to make betting more convenient for players while providing more management ability for operators.

Under the Radar

While there’s a good bit of information about Gamblify’s products, there’s a little bit less out there about their place in the industry and the kinds of partnerships they’ve been able to make over the last few years. For instance, we haven’t seen any specific evidence of them showing up at major trade shows; on the other hand, their website does mention some appearances at conferences in their local market, and we suspect that’s on purpose, given their Danish focus. We’re also uncertain just how many sites their games are available on at this time, but we do know they are at least offered at rø, a casino regulated by the Danish government.

Great Games with a Specific Focus

Right now, Gamblify’s products are really only seen in Denmark, and as such, the language and theming of the games is clearly designed with that market in mind. But the studio creates games that are clearly of high enough quality to compete in the broader worldwide market if they were interested in doing so. Their collection might not be very large, but the slots themselves are interesting, and they would make a fine addition to any existing iGaming site. For now, though, all we can say is that if you’re in Denmark and you’re looking for some great slots to try, we’d recommend giving these a look.