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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Royal Gems is a simple but fun slot from GameArt that’s an effervescent thing of wonder. It’s sparkly in other words. Very bright and very sparkly thanks to its precious gemstones that coruscate from their position on the reels. It can all get a bit overwhelming after a while, but when the fatigue sets in simply lower your screen contrast, slip on some sunglasses or, y’know, find a different slot.

If you’ve been accustomed to working your way through GameArt’s stable of slots, you’ll notice, straight off the bat, that there’s something absent from this game. Where have the generic playing card symbols gotten to? Hallelujah. For one game and one game only, the developer have seen fit to retire them, swapping them out for shimmering jewels.

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Get Your Rocks Off

For centuries, royals were purveyors of the biggest bling including huge diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Why? Because they were the only ones who could afford such treasures and because they were entitled to the first pick of the plunder returned from holy wars and other skirmishes. In Royal Gems, the jewels are monstrously big and the crowns are every bit as decadent as you’d expect.

The bigger and brighter, the better in Royal Gems, a 5-reel slot with 10 paylines. Any time a win arrives in the base game, the symbols will enlarge and be framed in sparkling gold, adding to the overwhelming sense of sparkle fatigue. Royal Gems is a very excitable game, though playing it feels akin to emptying the contents of an entire sweetie jar down your throat: it’s a rush at first and then you start to feel sick.

Regal Riches

Royal Gems has an autoplay option that can be set as high as 500 spins and there’s also an option to disable the gamble feature. You can also disable the audio, though it’s pretty innocuous it must be said and is certainly in keeping with the theme of the slot. The line bet incidentally can be set between 0.01 and 0.5, making for a total bet of 5.00 per spin. The various precious gems aren’t so precious after all, worth no more than 100 for five greens or blues.

Gold 7s are worth 250 for five, the same value assigned to the gold ring inlaid with playing card suits: an ace, diamond, club and spade. That just leaves two symbols: the gold and red crown, which is worth a maximum 2,500 for five, and scatter which will rustle up a win any time it appears on the reels. It’s manifested as a large star-shaped diamond.

A Gem of a Game?

If you’re wondering where the free spins are at, the answer is “Nowhere to be found”. Royal Gems is a deliberately simple – i.e classic – slot in which all the action takes place on the reels. Admittedly, that means there isn’t a whole lot of action to behold, but it does make for simple and quiet life, especially if you lock in 500 autospins and entrust your fate to lady luck.

With only 10 paylines and no feature or free spins, Royal Gems isn’t the sort of game you could play for days. At best it’ll pass a half hour or so before you tire of its repetitiveness and move on to greater things. Still, if you’re looking for a means of killing time, such as while waiting for your next online bingo game to start, it’s just the ticket. Royal Gems does have a card gamble feature built in at least, which provides scope for boosting the modest wins you’ll notch up on the reels.

Minimalist Gaming

If you’re in the market for a similar slot to Royal Gems, try Flaming Fruits by Betconstruct or Fusion Power by Octavian. Both have the same no-frills vibe going on, allowing the reels to account for the bulk of the action. This is gaming at its most minimalist, but it’s also mighty entertaining, of that there can be no doubt. All of these games have just 10 paylines and no free spins or feature game, but they’re nevertheless fun despite their limitations.

Simply a Success

If you’re looking for a simple slot with no bells, whistles or fruit, Royal Gems is the one for you. For everyone else, this ultra-simple slot will soon tire. There’s very little longevity to a game like this, but fleetingly it provides simple pleasures, at least until those super sparkly gems begin to grate.