Gameplay Interactive Online Slots

The modern gaming industry has led to a lot of specialization among developers who want to prove their expertise in a particular field. We’ve reviewed plenty of slots-online providers, while others focus on sports betting or poker. Sure, some of the older hands have branched out into virtually every corner of the industry, but that’s rare among newcomers.

One company that has broken this mold recently is Gameplay Interactive. Founded in 2013, the company is a surprisingly major player in Asian markets already, and that success may be in large part due to their versatility. With a wide array of products available to choose from, this provider prides itself on being able to tailor customized sites to the needs of their clients. From live dealer games to a modern slots selection, this is a developer that offers everything new and established operators are looking for.

Gameplay Interactive Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Everything Under One Roof

One of the things that is most interesting about Gameplay Interactive is the fact that they don’t really have a single specialty. Instead, they offer plenty of different options, enough to potentially create an entire gambling portal around – especially in the right markets, where the few holes in their offerings won’t be considered such a big deal.

As usual, however, we’d like to start with the slot machines offered by this studio. About 60 games in total are included in their 3D Slots selection, covering a number of thematic ideas – most of which are, of course, tailor made for a variety of Asian audiences. That means you’ll see a lot of references to Chinese culture, plenty of sports games based on those that are popular in the region, and some more universal ideas that could be just as home in an American or European casino.

Let’s start by taking a look at something very basic: Baseball, a game that is just as popular in Japan and Korea as it is in the USA. This five-reel, 30-line slot machine features a variety of baseball-themed symbols that are rendered into 3D. The quality of these renderings is only okay, but they definitely get the job done; they also have a photographic look to them, which makes them feel lively even if they aren’t quite as sharp as they could be. There are also constant baseball stadium sounds like crowds and organs playing in the background to add to the atmosphere.

The gameplay elements see you matching symbols from left to right: cleats, balls, caps, trophies, and players are among the many baseball-themed icons you can play with. There are also several special features available. The pitch bonus will see you choose three pitchers to deliver a fastball, hopefully winning an instant prize with each one you click on. A batter box game has you predicting pitches in the hopes of helping a hitter make contact with the next pitch, while a free spins game offers expanding wilds on the middle reels.

If you want something more traditional, feel free to give Fortune Koi a look. Steeped in Chinese culture, this game features just 10 paylines, but uses bold and vibrant colors – yellows, reds and blues – to provide a truly eye-catching experience. You’ll match fish and other symbols moving both left-to-right and right-to-left, all while hoping to find some wilds on the screen. These wilds are especially valuable because they will expand to cover their entire reels, and then trigger a free respin with that wild reel locked into place.

Finally, we thought it would be fun to try out a regionalized game that’s also extremely modern in theme, and that’s exactly what we found in K-Pop, a game based entirely on the ultra-popular Korean pop music scene. Over the 20 lines of action, you’ll be matching male and female singers, contracts, headphones, and similar production-themed symbols. Three concert ticket symbols will earn you free games, while bonus games will have you doing the infamous Gangham Dance, taking part in an awards show, or performing solo in an attempt to win over a crowd of fans.

These are just a handful of the many dozens of games that are provided here. Overall, we were impressed by the presentation and the substance of these games: most provided lots of varied ways for players to win, and newer games were especially feature-rich. A few other titles that intrigued us included:

One of the more interesting things about Gameplay Interactive is their commitment to providing clients with a fully-stocked live casino experience. While their traditional tables games selection is limited to say the least – we could only find one blackjack game hidden within their slots area – their options when it comes to live dealer gaming are among the best in the business. There are about a half-dozen different versions of baccarat available along with blackjack, sic bo, roulette, and some less common offerings such as Dragon Tiger and 3 Pictures. The dealers are fairly energetic and tend to show their unique personalities, which is an important and underrated factor in these games: after all, one of the reasons for playing with live dealers is to get more of an authentic casino experience.

There are several other options that Gameplay Interactive has for clients who want to utilize them. They have a complete sports betting interface that can handle betting on events from around the world in dozens of different sports. A lottery program offers up both traditional drawings and keno games, while a poker room option can provide Texas Hold’em and other games for those who are interested in playing head-to-head against real people.

One other interesting twist is a game called Texas Mahjong. This is a combination of hold’em poker and the classic tile game with plenty of unique rules, making this a very unusual option that might be of interest to those who play and understand both games.

Improved Market Penetration in Asia

As we’ve already mentioned, Gameplay Interactive is most active in the Asian region. This shows in their games and marketing, but it is also clear from a look at their client list. The company lists about 30 sites that they work with, virtually all of which cater exclusively or primarily to players in Asia.

Their ability to become a major player on the continent has dramatically increased in the last two years. A deal with SBTech in 2015 led to the development of localized sportsbooks. The company has also been a major part of the trade show circuit, opening big booths at events like the Macau Gaming Show. The company has also recently started offering their live casino through iOS, meaning that it is possible to connect through Apple products to these live dealer games.

So far, we haven’t seen any of these efforts result in awards for Gameplay just yet. But given their level of success and the fact that their products are well-regarded and of generally high quality, we expect that they’ll earn some industry recognition before too long.

A Worthwhile Partner in the Right Markets

In many parts of the world, you may not be able to find Gameplay Interactive’s games even if you’re interested in playing them. As we’ve said several times, while this company is a major player these days, they are only active regionally, with mainly Asian casinos taking advantage of their products.

If you happen to be playing in a location where they operate, however, we’re more than happy to recommend them to our readers. You’ll find a great variety of games from slots to poker and sports betting, not to mention one of the better live dealer operations that we’ve seen on the market today. Overall, this is an excellent package, one that should be keeping players and operators alike satisfied for many years to come.