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Gameplay Interactive is one of those developers that have been around for some time, but have yet to release a game that shakes things up. A lot of the developer’s games just don’t have the shelf life that many players are looking for.

Replay value is a must in this day and age, which is something Gameplay Interactive sorely needs to begin to incorporate into its games if they really want to succeed over the long term. The latest name to come off the Gameplay Interactive production line is Fu Lu Shou, a game that is channeling the spirit of Far East Asia.

Coated in head to toe in red and gold, Fu Lu Shou is a game that is attempting to blend together something traditional and something exotic is a single package. We don’t have to tell you that this is a tall order, so have Gameplay Interactive been able to pull it off? Is Fu Lu Shou the game that players have been waiting for?

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In the Spirit of Asian Tradition

In design Fu Lu Shou is striking, as there isn’t a more fragrant combination than gold and red. As said in the opening to this review, this game is full to the brim with this colour scheme and looks absolutely fantastic as a result. Complimenting the impressive-looking backdrop is the gold-framed reels, which really do look the part.

If we had any complaints about the theme, it would all related to Gameplay Interactive just not going far enough with it. Animation wise we really do think that the game could have done with a little extra, plus a HD resolution certainly wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

All the Tastes of Cliché

The symbols within Fu Lu Shou follow the same design track as the rest of the game, which means that they look great, but arguably miss that special something. Fire crackers, Ancient Chinese symbols, and splashes of gold are what spin round and round on screen, but we would have loved to see something outside of the usual clichés images here.

Falling Foul of Good Luck

Much like some other Gameplay Interactive titles, it’s within the actual gameplay where the seams of Fu Lu Shou begin to pull apart. This is because there is absolutely no intensity, innovation, or even intrigue to be found here, the game just plays out in a boring fashion.

Fu Lu Shou features 5 reels and 20 paylines; with it having a minimum total bet of just 0.20. The paylines are locked at 20, so there is minimal flexibility to be found, while the game feels somewhat hampered by its low to medium volatility and high RTP as well.

Anyone who really is looking to play it safe within the world of real money slots may get a kick out of this, but anyone who wants to experience even the smallest ounce of risk is probably going to be left feeling disappointed.

Not Enough to Save the Day

If you were expecting the special features of Fu Lu Shou to pull the game up to par, you may just have more disappointment heading your way. There is a standard wild symbol in play, which can step in to create a winning combination when you need it to. On top of that, there is also an expanding wild here, which can cover an entire reel in order to unlock even more jackpot combinations and potential respins.

As far as bonus features go in Fu Lu Shou, its all pretty boring, with there being no dedicated bonus game or scatter symbol to speak of.

Fu Lu Shou Falls Well Short!

When Fu Lu Shou was first announced, we honestly thought that this game had huge potential. It looks great for starters, but after a playthrough we discovered that this was the only great thing about this game.

Speaking honestly, Fu Lu Shou is one of the most boring titles we’ve ever played, as there isn’t a single ounce of originality to be found within its gameplay mechanics. The payouts are low, the bonuses are weak, and the controls are fiddly, which makes for a somewhat drab online slots experience.

If you are in a pinch for a quick real money slots fix, we would probably recommend that you turn your head towards other titles, as Fu Lu Shou simply doesn’t cut it.