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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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When you play Bullion Bonanza you’ll be mining for rich ores in the name of wealth, such is the rustic nature of the 3 reels. This is a compact slot machine that offers little in the way of variance, but in doing so it provides you with a laid back experience; this is the epitome of casual gaming. It’s no strings attached.

Seeing as most of you are used to more substance than what’s given here, we can respect that you might struggle to adapt to this slot. It’s very different from what we usually see from Gamesys; typically they offer variation and depth. You may be disappointed initially, but if you empty your mind of preconceived notions, you may just find a new slot to enjoy.

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Bullion Bonanza has a unique way of accessing its jackpot, and it’s to do with how much you bet. Due to the grid being a tiny 3-reels setup, it’s not like you have to spend loads of money to aim high here, but it’s still disconcerting for some to have to bet big to win big. Fortunately, betting big only requires a top pay-in of 3 credits, with the lowest being just 1. That is the full extent of the range this slot offers.

So what’s the difference? If you only bet 1 or 2 credits, you increase your winlines but you’ll never be able to play for the jackpot, which was at 10,437 coins when we played. Only by playing with 3 coins will you then get the progressive payout. Don’t misunderstand, the gold bars will result in money no matter what you wager, but it’ll be a lot less.

Golden Opportunity

In terms of other extras, the gold bar shows up again, only now as a single or double icon rather than a trio. What is more, it becomes a wild that grants a multiplier. If you win one gold bar you get a x2 payout, whereas the duo will grant you access to the larger x4 multiplier. As you can see, there’s not much going on with this extra.

Gamesys have obviously tried to capture the very essence of what makes a fruit machine slot, which a lot of the time is down to simplicity rather than gimmicks. However, we don’t feel they’ve managed to get the formula quite right, perhaps because of the design they’ve gone for? They’ve got a busy themed aesthetic, but a plain paytable (save for the jackpot); it just doesn’t work to have basic features alongside enticing visuals, for you end up feeling cheated.

Clash of the Elements

Seeing as this is a limited experience, we suspect that a lot of you will want to have another game lined up. If that’s the case, look no further than the fruit machine reels of Fire & Ice, developed by gaming brand Amatic. This is yet another example of simplistic gaming, but we’d argue that it’s designed better than Bullion Bonanza.

The graphics are more lacklustre, and they have a flat feel to them that this Gamesys title doesn’t, but as we’ve already said, the looks of the game don’t match the paytable. In Fire & Ice everything fits together beautifully. This is just an idea from us, and one that we’re putting forward because we’re guessing you like fruit machines. If that’s not the case, may we suggest trying Barnyard Bonanza from Gamesys.

No Bang

This is one of those occasions when we’re left feeling confused and a little put out. You see, Bullion Bonanza should work as a slot machine, for it has all the markers we need in terms of basic gameplay. What is more, it has a generally more appealing interface to engage with. But because of the lack of correspondence between the paytable and the aesthetic, we get a disjointed experience. Bullion Bonanza has tried to be too modern for its own good. What should have been a fruit machine experience is now one we can’t quite pinpoint.