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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Is it only us that seems to feel like Gamesys can do no wrong? Not only are the brand delivering diversity in their themes, but their gameplay is flexible too, as shown by the single winline of Chasin’ Rainbows. We hadn’t heard of this slot before now, but by gosh we wish we had, for its so charming that it immediately makes us happier.

This is quintessentially a fruit machine, but just as they did with Bullion Bonanza, the design is wholly unique to the title and it alone. In some respects, we find this aesthetic more appealing, for it’s bright, lighter and more comedic in value. Chasin’ Rainbows is a real cash slot that is based on Irish luck, and so you should be swimming in a vat of coins before too long.

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So Cute

In terms of how this slot looks, it’s a darling style that invokes a girlish nature inside all of us, even you manly men out there. Some of you will more than likely find the twee looks of the game too overdone, too feminine, but we like how gentle the aesthetic is. It’s the perfect match for such a gentle gaming experience.

In terms of style, it’s illustrative, but with a more contemporary nature than that which we may see in titles like Blast Bang Boom, a title created by Endorphina. What Gamesys has gone for is a childlike undertone, rather than one that is primarily aimed at adults. We like that decision, for it gives us a chance to reconnect with our youthful side, and thus it makes us smile. Chasin’ Rainbows is a joyful experience.

Triple Rainbow

Seeing one rainbow in the sky can have us all cooing like children, but to see three, well that would be something special. It has happened, and there’s pictures to prove it, but normally we’re not that lucky. Gamesys have clearly decided that this is unacceptable, and have thus provided us with a progressive jackpot centred around three rainbows.

As you’ve probably worked out for yourselves, you need to get all three of the symbols to unlock the big prize. But it goes beyond merely matching icons, because you need to bet the top amount as well. This was seen in Bullion Bonanza: you need to play with the full 0.75 credits for the jackpot to be included in the paytable, and even then you might never win it. When we wrote this the total stood at just over 6,000 coins, which is well worth a small punt of a few pennies.

Finding Gold

We’ve done a lot of talking about Bullion Bonanza, so it seems more than fitting to suggest it as an alternative to this game. Not only do you have the same setup, but you have the progressive jackpot to play for as well. In fact, it’s only really the paytable values and the aesthetic that is different.

Both activities will ensure that you can play along whenever you want, without having to be totally invested in the final outcome. Some slot machines are so immersive it feels like you’re playing a console game, which in turn means you struggle to walk away. That just won’t happen here. You’ll play, win some credits, and then walk away just as easily.

A Fairy Tale Ending

To say we adore Chasin’ Rainbows just wouldn’t be enough of a declaration of love; this real cash slot is everything a fruit machine should be. Even the change in aesthetic to that of a contemporary design is another element we appreciate. In our eyes, Gamesys can make no mistakes, for they seem to have found a formula that works for all gamers out there. Maybe you’ll feel differently, but for now we’d suggest having a play about and see what titles jump out at you. You might be surprised at the depth this brand has.