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Guardians of Fire and Ice Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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The earth never seems to get a break: every single day it’s being destroyed in some way, either from evil-minded human beings or from invading aliens. There’s just no let up. Fighting these oncoming forces is what you have to do in Guardians of Fire and Ice, a slot machine which combines two contrasting elements to terminate the forces of evil.

As exciting as this all sounds, you’re not exactly going to be tearing up the 3×5 grid, for instead of flying fists and deadly kicks, you’ll be playing free games and finding wilds. It’s not exactly the stuff of blockbuster movies, but we think it’ll be enough to keep you going while your super suit is in the wash.

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Fire or Ice

This might not be the age of question of pirates or ninjas, but it comes pretty darn close. For us the decision is going to be that much harder to make, as these two elements take the form of two different wilds. These are illustrated by the flaming female superhero and the frosty male one; both of them are going to make the game more bearable, but which comes out on top?

The fire element is a wild that builds up over time, rather than being an instantaneous win, and so you won’t know its worth until it lights up the reels. Every winning wild will generate power, which will continue to grow until your successive streak ends, then that power will explode and transform other symbols into wilds. As for the iceman, well he freezes the wilds in place for two rounds, by which time his wilds will have thawed out and rolled away. Okay, we lied, fire wins this competition hands down.

Levelling Up

There are free spins to obtain when playing this real cash slot; it’s the main selling point of the entire game. Reading about them and getting them are two different subjects though, with the latter a lot more taxing. We’re not going to say it’s of a high difficulty, but it verges on it from time to time.

The reason we’re saying this is because you need scatter icons to get to those spins, at least four of them in fact, which is all fine and dandy if you can keep landing a scatter on every win. But as we all know, luck often leaves us when we need it most. We never witnessed the free games for ourselves, which should indicate how tedious this clever feature can be.

Gotta Dash

Playing slot machines can be annoying at times, for you feel like you’re in a chain and ball relationship with your computer – if you leave the gaming has to end. Well not this time, for Gamesys are a brand that are forward thinking and bring you mobile gaming. This shouldn’t still be a novelty, but you’d be surprised by how many companies have yet to make their slots mobile compatible.

You’ll still need a wifi or 3G connection to get playing, but considering the number of hotspots around, that shouldn’t present too much of a challenge for you. Then you fire up your browser and get playing. Not many superheroes have it so easy, so consider yourself one of the lucky ones, a bit like Bruce Wayne, minus the tragic slaughtering of his parents.

Parting Gift

Allow us to offer you a means of furthering your gaming experiences with a slot from iSoftBet; The Sword of Alexander is a 5-reel slot that delivers historic fiction. It might not be a superhero title, but we find too much of the same thing is bad for your health. Not to mention that historical digs are totally cool!


We don’t know about you, but for us we feel like a superhero game should end big, you know, go out with a bang. What’s the point of having all those powers and fighting the bad guys if you then fizzle out into nothing? As much as we’d like to say that Guardians of Fire and Ice doesn’t fizzle, it really does, for there seems to be no climactic end to the gaming.