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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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A far off land isn’t what awaits us inside the 5-reels of Zen Garden, but rather a mystical space of good energy that’ll cleanse us anew. It may sound like a lot of hokey nonsense, but we promise that these 50 winlines are packed full with good vibes that’ll take you through a journey of self discovery. Also known as free games.

This is one attractive interface that users are able to engage with. Gamesys are known for delivering quality, but this example is one of their finest. Not only do you have a simple yet engaging paytable of features, but you also have a highly animated grid on which to play. What is more, none of the details of the theme distract or hinder the enjoyment of the game. Bringing all those elements together, and having them work, isn’t easy to accomplish.

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Tossing Coins

Flipping coins into fountains for good luck is a superstition that a lot of people around the world adhere to, and while you won’t be tossing coins into tranquil waters here, you will be betting a set amount. The reason we’re drawing attention to the bet itself isn’t actually to do with the range given, but more to do with how the system works.

Traditionally users have a set figure that they can increase and decrease via the appropriate toggles, as well as a clearly labelled ‘play’ or ‘spin’ widget. In Zen Garden however, customers have a long list of separate bets, each associated with a unique button, as well as a ‘repeat bet’ option. Nothing about it flows or is conventional in the slightest, and while conventions aren’t always needed, they’re preferred when they work well.

In terms of how much you can bet, on the off chance you’re interested, you can range from 0.50 up to 200 credits. This broad offering ensures that many users can partake in this oriental haven rather than high rollers. Moreover, the stake you put down doesn’t appear to affect the payments of the paytable.

Still Waters

Moving onto the main features of the game, we have a combination of cascading reels and free games that create the main event. These specialist reels, which Gamesys term Raining Reels, work to create one win after the next, theoretically at least. However, it’s one thing to suggest it can happen and another to see it work out so smoothly. We rarely got any consecutive wins.

That medium volatility is going to continue when you try and unlock the free games. This is because you need at least six wins in a row to obtain the spins. Despite a considerable RTP of 95.41%, don’t think for one second these sort of victories are going to land in your lap. And definitely don’t be expecting to get 20 free games every couple of spins; you’re going to have your work cut out.

Enlightened Kingdom

As much as we’ve been enjoying the reels of this slot machine, we feel it’s about time we moved away from oriental teachings and ventured to other lands instead. Mayan Queen from RTG is a 25-winline slot machine that returns you back to classic spin reels. What is more, it will challenge you to your limits in order to test your worthiness for your queen.

To some this may seem like quite the progression, and not a logical one at that, but when it comes to finding suitable slots, we don’t just stick to one specific theme or layout. We think variety creates a more enjoyable environment for you to play in, and so we encourage you to find other slots that cater to your needs. Mayan Queen isn’t too different from Zen Garden; it’s just enough to satisfy your need for change.

Clear Your Mind

Playing Zen Garden isn’t a spiritual experience, but it’s definitely one that’ll have you feeling more at ease and at one with the slots community. Rather than having you wanting to pull your hair out, you surrender to the luck of the matrix and go with the flow of the title. We like that we can do this, for far too many slot machines are about intense and stressful gaming. Call us weird, but that’s not our idea of fun.