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If you’ve read many of our other software provider reviews, you’ll know that we usually end up taking a lot of time to talk about the slot machines that are offered by each provider. There’s good reason for this: not only are slots usually the most numerous and popular games in the collection of any developer, but they also tend to be the most unique, as there’s a lot less innovation to be done in areas like instant win games, table games, or video poker machines.

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But if we’ve learned nothing else from our time in the industry, it is that there are always firms out there that have the ability to surprise us. One of those is Gamevy, a company that has done nothing but create different and innovative titles since they began their operations just a few years ago. Based in London, this company has created games mainly for the regulated United Kingdom market, and they’ve done so without creating much at all in the way of slot machines. Instead, they’ve tried to figure out ways to offer alternative types of gambling products, ranging from those that feature skill and knowledge-based elements to those that take completely luck-based gameplay but do so in unique ways that still allow players to make at least some decisions that can impact their results.

Many Flavors of Gaming to Taste

As our introduction suggests, our review of this company’s offerings is going to have to be a little different than our normal format. The reasoning behind this is that there aren’t really categories of gaming to talk about, as most of their titles – about 20 games in total – are each rather unique in their own right.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some familiar offerings here. For instance, there’s a completely standard roulette table, as well as a couple of scratch cards that, while themed on other games in this collection, still play rather conventionally.

On the other hand, many of the other products here are unlike anything you’ve ever played before. There are, for instance, a couple of games that combine sheer luck with trivia, requiring you to answer questions in order to improve your chances to winning. Perhaps the best of these is The Heist, a game-show style contest in which you try to advance through ten steps in order to reach a vault and unlock a prize. The graphics in this machine are sleek and modern, standing up to most of the Flash and HTML5 games you’ll find across the Internet – even video games that are not gambling products.

After selecting a bet, players pick their path down a dangerous road, with each step having three potential paths. On each row, one stop will allow you to advance automatically, while another will instantly cost you one of your five lives, reducing the amount in the vault in the process. The third asks you a trivia question: get it right, and you advance, while picking the wrong answer will cost you a life. Making it to the vault will earn you a small prize, but players also have the option of continuing on a press-your-luck style adventure, trying to steal more money bags to increase their winnings – with the risk of potentially losing it all if they click on the wrong square.

Another interesting combination of luck and skill is in play in Buzzword Bingo, a game that requires some logical thinking but ultimately relies on chance to award prizes. Between the glitzy art style and the high tempo music, this is yet another Gamevy product that really has a game show feel to it, an atmosphere that is only increased by the multiple stage format at play here.

The game begins with players trying to decode a five-letter word using clues that tell you which letters you have correct or in the wrong location, and then giving you potential options for what the keyword might be. The faster you get the answer, the more balls you’ll have in the bingo portion of the game, where you’ll dab numbers in order to fill in as many lines as possible.

This process continues through four rounds, with players potentially getting to use up to 40 balls in order to complete their bingo cards. The more lines you complete, the bigger your prize. Because both the word game and the bingo section have at least a modicum of skill required in order to maximize your winnings, this is an example of a place where paying attention is really important – this isn’t something you want to pull up on a whim and just start clicking buttons.

Some of the games are a bit more like conventional instant win fare, but even these offer up a bit more than what you might expect from titles of these types. For instance, Red Card just has you picking from 49 soccer balls in order to reveal either trophies or red cards. However, there’s a nice risk/reward element here: if you’re successful in finding five trophies before you uncover any of the six red cards, you can take double your initial stake, or continue to try to unlock balls to capture bigger and bigger prizes. Of course, should you hit a card at any time, you’ll forfeit everything you’ve made to that point. Prizes go up slowly at first, but get lucky for long enough and you could win a £1 million jackpot.

If you are looking for a slot machine from this firm, the closest thing you’ll find is The Link, a rather attractive looking game that exists on a 3×3 grid. As in a slot machine, symbols will fall into place each time you spin, with wins being made on any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line (much like in tic-tac-toe). Along with circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, and an X, players can also find wild stars on the screen, and prizes increase dramatically as the same symbols win on multiple lines. There’s nothing particularly out of the ordinary here, but even this game certainly differs quite a bit from a traditional slot.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this company and the games they offer, many of which are exclusives for various clients. In Be the King, you’ll be searching out coins on a grid, hoping to find them fast enough to reset your lives and continue increasing the amount you stand to win. Epic Gems takes this press-your-luck gameplay and puts it in play on every single decision, allowing players to try to stockpile lots of tiny wins or chase major jackpots. And in Spinlotto, players pick lucky numbers and then hold as many drawings as they like on a slots-style grid, hoping to match their picks with the balls that show up on various paylines throughout the game. While there may not be a huge number of games in this library, we can say without a doubt that this is about as diverse a selection as we’ve ever seen in the industry.

Engaging Products Lead to Industry Recognition

Most companies that have only created a handful of titles struggle to get their software into the hands of a whole lot of casinos. However, that’s not the case for Gamevy, and it is easy to understand why. The studio has taken the time to make their products as engaging as possible, ensuring that players will play longer, stay interested, and be willing to play them time and time again. That’s what happens when you create games that are interactive and entertaining, rather than just run of the mill offerings that have been seen a hundred times before.

As a result, these titles can be found in dozens of casinos, most of which are part of the UK regulated market (though there are exceptions outside of this jurisdiction, particularly on some sites that are licensed out of Malta). Not only have operators found that their players truly love playing these games, the industry as a whole has also taken notice. Gamevy has won awards at the International Casino Expo (ICE) twice in recent years, getting the Best Start Up award in 2015, and being honored with the Game to Watch by the same trade show in 2016 for The Heist.

A Provider Every Player Should Try

It’s rare that we suggest that a software developer will appeal to almost all players, but that’s precisely the case when it comes to Gamevy. Not only are these creations visually attractive, but they cover a lot of ground, including a number of genres of gaming that are extremely underserved in the iGaming industry for the time being. This is particularly true when it comes to contests that reward knowledge and critical thinking, as many of the best Gamevy options do.

Granted, these sorts of features won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But given that the company has also created some rather interesting variations on purely luck-based gaming, we think that even players who generally play slots, scratch cards, and instant win games will enjoy many of these offerings. If there are Gamevy casinos in your region, it is well worth seeking them out to get a taste of what they have to offer.

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