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While there are a lot of different online casino software providers out there, most of them appear to have pretty similar goals. They may take different design approaches with their games, and might have a focus on slots or mobile play or some other niche, but they are really looking to appeal to a broad range of players.

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Once in a while, though, we’ll see a firm that is looking to do something a little different with their brand. One example is Gaming1, a firm that says they are interested in providing high end, premium content for their clients. That means everything from backend systems to the games themselves, all designed with a level of class and elegance that gives that VIP feeling to players who interact with their products.

Founded in 2011, this Belgian company also states that they want to become a long-term partner with the operators who take on their games and systems, something that has helped them develop some very strong partnerships over the years. Those partners have benefitted not only from the excellent service Gaming1 seeks to provide, but also from a growing library of games that includes not only slots, but also some table game and specialty content as well.

Gaming1 Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Familiar Themes, Modern Presentation

Gaming1 can take on a lot of different roles when they work with operators in the iGaming industry, but we’ll start at the core of what players care about: their games. This starts with a small slots collection that includes more than 25 titles, most of which deal in familiar and popular themes while still managing to feel like new and unique games.

For instance, let’s start by looking at Atlantis: Wrath of Poseidon. This is a fairly typical five-reel, 20-line machine that uses the classic underwater theme filled with seashells, hidden artifacts, sirens, and a wild octopus. The art is classically-inspired (perfect for the theme), but is certainly up to the standards of the modern industry in terms of detail and quality. The display is colorful, and includes lots of subtle animations and movements to make the entire screen feel alive. The valuable Poseidon symbol pays both way across the reels, while a free spins feature can earn you up to 100 free plays, all of which come with additional stacked wilds and Poseidon symbols, greatly increasing the odds of hitting the biggest prizes on the reels.

Another popular machine is Cash of Lords, a game that we imagine was inspired by the incredibly popular free-to-play battle games like Clash of Clans. This 50-reel slot appears to be based around a medieval tournament, with banners, invitations, crowns and more appearing on the wood-paneled reels. Again, the graphics aren’t intensely modern in look, but that’s okay: the feel is perfect for the theme, and when you actually stop to look at the symbols and other details, you’ll see that this has all been well-designed to evoke a particular mood and atmosphere. A Jester serves as the wild, Lord Bettington himself triggers the biggest wins, and Princess Bethany is your ticket into a free spins round where you can trigger even more additional plays by hitting numbered symbols in your winning combinations.

We’re always interested in branded content, so we also took a look at Gaming1’s version of Deal or No Deal. Interestingly, while the presentation isn’t bad on this one – and there are elements that are evocative of the game show this title is based on – it’s a little below the standard of the two above. This game also only contains 10 lines of action, with players trying to match buttons, briefcases, and the mysterious banker. However, what makes this game really fun is the presence of three different bonus rounds. First, there’s a mini-version of Deal or No Deal (triggered by hitting three wilds anywhere on screen), in which you’ll narrow down your briefcase options before either taking an offer of finding out what prize is hidden in that last case. After any spin, you might also randomly play one of two other games: The Banker’s Choice, in which you can open cases and choose to take your prize or reject it for what’s in the next box, or the Player Choice, in which you’ll simply pick from three possible suitcases and take what you get.

Overall, we were quite impressed by the quality of the slots found in this collection, and while this isn’t the biggest portfolio, having more than 25 titles is still enough to keep most players happy (and as we’ll discuss later, other options are often available). A few of the other notable slot machines here include:

Gaming1 also offers some additional games for its clients. First, there are a series of bingo-based games in which players can try to fill out patterns on predetermined cards as random balls are “drawn” by the computer. In addition, there are a couple different versions of European Roulette, along with a live version of French Roulette that definitely fits the “premium” bill the company is trying to establish for itself. This is not a live dealer game, however; it appears as though a simulated wheel is used, with multiple players able to bet together during scheduled spins. There’s also a multi-handed blackjack game that uses European rules.

One of the more interesting sections is a collection they call Dice/Gridders. These are a number of dice-based games, some of which involve quite a bit of strategy on the part of the player. We’ve seen these before: sets of three dice are generated, and players can put them on one of four grids, scoring points if they can eventually make three-in-a-row combinations on each grid. Score enough total points, and you win a prize. It’s a game type that takes planning and forethought, which will certainly appeal to many players (and cause other gamblers to stay far, far away).

A Full Service Provider

Despite what their name might suggest, Gaming1 isn’t all about the games. The company has also marketed itself to the industry as a full service software provider, which includes the ability to develop platforms that are capable of hosting a wide variety of gaming types. That includes casinos, of course, but also sports betting, virtual betting, and even poker solutions. Each of these options is customizable and scalable to fit the needs of operators of various sizes.

One of the biggest advantages that this platform comes with, however, is the number of partnerships Gaming1 has made with developers who can now supply games to them. That means that when a new site chooses this software system, they don’t have to stick with just this company’s portfolio, but can take advantage of a world of additional slots and other games as well. Contributors include some of the biggest names in the industry, such as IGT, NEtEnt, Amaya, and BetSoft. The company has even occasionally branched out into the land-based industry, making physical versions of some of their virtual machines.

This studio has also shown a strong ability to localize their content for different operators. For instance, they have a Spanish slots line that is used (naturally) in the regulated market in Spain, while other games appear in Belgium, the Netherlands, and other jurisdictions around the world.

All of this has garnered Gaming1 plenty of attention. In fact, the company has already been nominated multiple times at the eGaming Review (EGR) B2B awards. In 2015, their potential was spotlighted with a nomination for the Software Rising Star Award, while they were further honored in 2016 with two more nominations for supplier prizes. It’s likely only a matter of time before the group snags its first major award, which could help an already growing brand truly move into the industry spotlight.

A Developer on the Rise

There’s no doubt that there are great things in store for Gaming1. This studio has done a great job of positioning themselves as a quality brand that supplies both good games of their own creation, and platforms that can deliver even more content. It’s a winning combination that has been successful for many other developers and suppliers in the past.

Right now, the only reason why more people haven’t heard of this group is the fact that they are confined to just a few well-regulated markets. We expect that as their success in these jurisdictions becomes more widely known, more governments and operators in other jurisdictions will look to give their software a try, and that could easily make this a studio that is considered one of the major players in the industry over the next few years.

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