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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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For those of you not well versed in Latin, the name Ulysses might not be familiar to you, it definitely wasn’t to us. At least not until we learnt that it actually refers to Odysseus, a Greek legend that has featured in many novels, plays and poems throughout history. Knowing all of this, you may be asking what he has to do with Overseas, well, allow us to explain…

The character you play is married to a women called Penelope, a damsel that has been whisked away from you by the unforgiving hand of Poseidon. During your playthrough of these 50 winlines, you must win her back and vanquish evil in order for balance to be restored. It sounds incredibly epic in scale, but we have to admit that the gameplay doesn’t live up to the story behind the reels.

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Your Saviour

Imagining you’re Penelope for the moment. Ulysses can only come to your aid if enough of his tiles land on the grid. You don’t need many of them, in fact only three will suffice, though the more of him you match up, the greater your odds of landing a more satisfactory prize. And before your mind wanders to ideas of gold, this is a free spins symbol through and through.

If you land three of Ulysses you’ll get 10 games, while four matches will gift you 20, and then five of a kind will land you the big 50. Each of those figures are more than enough to keep the drama coming as you play, especially when you learn that extra games can be won as you play this feature. Nonetheless, in terms of variance, this is the only bonus offered and so Overseas becomes a one trick pony of sorts.

But You Said…?

As some of you keen observers will have spotted, we said that there was a bonus round on top of the free games, and in truth there is, but it’s not one open to everyone. So again, we’ll reinstate that this game is of limited variance in terms of gameplay. In regards to this extra, it’s called Super Games, and it functions like a wheel of fortune.

To activate the round, which is hardly that rewarding given the trouble it takes to unlock it, you’ll need to land a win that’s worth x100 your stake. Not only will all the planets need to align for this to happen, but you’ll also need quite the supply of funds to keep trying for this one. However, if you persevere and make it through the trials, you’ll be given the chance to win extra spins or have a crack at the top payout.

Myths into Magic

Should you tire of Greek mythology and the blurred lines it has with Roman history, you can delve into true fiction and play Alice in Wonderland from BeeFee. Banishing away those traditional winlines, you’ll now have 243 ways to play rather than a rigid 50. Furthermore, you’ll receive a lower volatility level than the one offered in Overseas.

Personally, we find Alice in Wonderland a lot more visually appealing and thus more entertaining; the eyes are the window to the soul after all. We’re not totally vain, but we want to see a flow to the aesthetic, which is severely lacking from Gaming1 and their historical epic.

Ending the Tale

As hard as we try to find only the good in Overseas, we’re struggling; this title just isn’t polished enough, which is surprising considering the brand’s experience. And even the betting threshold of 0.20 to 5 credits isn’t enough to sate our needs. We appreciate that experience doesn’t always equal quality, but usually there’s a correlation between the two.

We’ve seen it in games from Gaming1 before, so why they’re missing the mark now is beyond us. Take it from us and leave history behind you and focus on more thrilling rides like Rocket Reel. It may not be a novelty theme, but it plays more smoothly than what’s delivered here.