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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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The title of this Gaming1 slot machine alone will have your head in a spin – the idea of getting a quarter of a million credits is enough to have anyone chomping at the bit. Of course, it won’t be as simple as betting the 1 coin and then being handed the gold, you’re going to have to work for this pay off. No matter, Quarter Million Slot seems worth it.

We’re happy to inform you that this is a low novelty themed slot, and so you don’t have to wade through lots of overwhelming imagery just to get to the cash. The style is of a modern day fruit machine, with a few extra features to ensure stimulated gameplay throughout. Having played another of Gaming1’s classically influenced slots – Rocket Reel – we can say that they have this style down to a T.

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Lockbox Bonus

The big selling point here is the 250,000 credits that could be yours. See that? Could. The reason we’re really emphasising this wording is because of how tricky it is to trigger the Quarter Million Jackpot, or QMJ for short. It would be nice to think that it’s open to all users, but it seems that you need to wager a specific amount before the grid plays in your favour.

Although the starting marker for the bonus is 2 credits, just 1 over the starting fee, that doesn’t mean you get all your ducks in one row. For you to aim for the stars, you have to bet as much cash as possible, which means a wager of at least 25 coins. If you don’t do this, that wad of cash is going to stay locked up until you’re willing to go big. It’s a tactic a lot of brands use, albeit in differing ways, but it ultimately hinders the accessibility of the title.

Round We Go

To appease those that don’t have the funds, Quarter Million Slot has another bonus, a more obtainable one, called the Bonus Wheel. It’s bland and unimaginative in its name, but the prizes are worth a look, and so we can’t moan too badly about lack of brand creativity. To access the round you’ll need to get three or more of the Wild Bonus icons.

Assuming you manage this, which is pretty hard going due to the high volatility, you’ll be able to have three spins of the wheel. It’s lined with all sorts of offers, all of which are money based, ranging from 500 to 10,000. All of those figures have an equal chance of becoming yours, and if you don’t like your first win you can spin again and try for a better one. However, don’t become too greedy. Greed leads to potentially losing out more than what you win.

Go Retro

So far so good with the details and modernity, but if you want to see how the old school games do it, properly do it, you need to try Novomatic’s Sevens. This is a classic fruit machine themed title that doesn’t mess about with any flashy details; what you see is what you get. It’s a dramatic leap in terms of aesthetic, but gameplay wise it isn’t too dissimilar.

That being said, you’ll be limited to 3 reels instead of 5, and will have considerably fewer winlines. What is more, the difficulty level inside that matrix will be just as high as this one, which makes it ideal for gamers who love a challenge. Novomatic are the kings of hard playing slots, so you’re in good hands.

Feeling Fruity

Quarter Million Slot gets us in the mood to get our groove on; its user friendly navigation and gameplay make it a dream to play. Furthermore, there’s just enough features to keep you lightly entertained but never overwhelmed, a hard balance to find these days. This Gaming1 real cash slot gets our seal of approval, and we’re sure it’ll receive it from you too. Even more so if you can afford the top fee of 100 credits because of the QMJ.

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