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Rocket Reel Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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When it comes to old school styled games, we tend to worry that they’ll still be stuck in the past, rather than becoming one with the present. But that worry can be cast aside immediately when you play with Gaming1 and their Rocket Reel. This real cash slot has an unusual number of reels, 4 at most, and an odd number of winlines at 27.

There’s a lot of curious elements to this game that keeps our interest levels peaked. We’ve definitely come across slot machines that have offered similar, for many brands are trying to introduce innovation. However, we’d argue that none of them have executed them as well as this, nor have they included these specific features altogether. If we’re wrong, feel free to rant at us about it.

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3 Becomes 4

We haven’t butchered a popular Spice Girls song lyric, but we’re talking about how the design of the matrix works depending on your bet. When you first load up the title gamers are given 3 reels, with the fourth sort of greyed out. You’ll be able to watch as it spins aside the others, but no wins will be included.

This is when you go to the betting button and tap that baby up to 16, which won’t take long seeing as there’s only three levels offered: 1, 4 and the 16 we just mentioned. Do that and you’ll see the fourth reel spring into action and start totting up those combos for you. It isn’t a mind blowing experience, but it certainly opens the game up and makes it more entertaining.

In Plain Sight

Usually when we play real cash slots, we have to dig around inside the settings in order to find the paytable information; even if the button is easy to spot, we still have to scroll through all the info. Rocket Reel eliminates that issue by having the paytable on the gaming page, meaning you don’t have to keep checking up on the values.

If, however, you’d like to know about the unique features of the matrix, then you’ll have to go delving into the ‘?’ option. In all honesty, you can find out most of the features simply by playing the game for a couple of rounds, and so the additional investigating isn’t completely necessary. According to the paytable shown, the highest you can win from a combo is 200 coins.

Freaking Out

As you can see from Rocket Reel, fruit isn’t abundantly scary, not unless you have a fear of healthy eating. But then WM (aka World Match) comes along with their slot machine, Scary Fruits. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, these fruits are out to give you one good scare. Call us old fashioned, but Michael Myers in a white William Shatner mask does that a lot better than some odd looking fruit.

But we digress; the point is that the alternative title can give you an extra outlet for when the reels of this slot start to wear on you. Scary Fruits has 20 paylines instead of 27, and has a definite bonus round rather than an extra design feature, and so you should be more than happy to try out what the other brand has to offer.

Rock Our World

When it comes to giving a conclusion of Rocket Reel, we have to say that we fall on the side of positivity. We went in with few expectations, but were pleasantly surprised at how generous Gaming1 had been. They hadn’t showered customers with bonus rounds, but they’d ensured that there was variance of another kind, in the form of matrix features, like the double or nothing.

In terms of popularity, we could see this becoming one of those go to slots that you always fall back on, an old faithful favourite that always serves you well. That being said, with how much online gaming keeps expanding, there could soon be enough to challenge its top spot. Until then though, happy gaming, folks!