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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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You’re going to be tempted a lot over the course of this real cash slot, it’s simply unavoidable. You see, Gaming1 have decided to offer two games in this slot machine rather than the one, with the second being of a higher value. Therefore, you stand to gain a lot more goodies if you sprinkle some coins onto the matrix and move on up to the second level.

We’ve played similar setups before, but none have been done quite so well. Usually you have to collect a specific number of points before reaching the second level. In So Spicy all you need to do is be willing to wager a larger amount of cash, from 5 credits upwards (we say 5, but it’s actually only 0.50 when turned into currency).

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Selective Bonus

Before you decide which of the two games you prefer, the one with 1 winline or the other with 5, we’d like to point out that only the top game can deliver the bonus round. Yes, unfortunately for those of you on a strict budget, you’ll need to risk the money or miss out on some considerable wins. As much as 600 credits to be exact.

Should you be able to afford the cost of the higher bets, you can access the unique paytable gamble. Once you get a spicy symbol, you’ll be given the chance to gamble the amount jumping around on the first, second and third section of the paytable. The number it lands on is randomly chosen, but there’s a chance you will hit the top figure of 200. After generating a specific amount, rather than gifting it to you, Gaming1 makes you gamble in a coin toss. It’s a risky bonus to engage with, and one that you’ll often lose with more than win, but it helps keep the momentum up.

Back to Safety

If alarm bells are already ringing and you feel that So Spicy is too charged up for your liking, you can always retreat to the comforting 5 reels of Merkur’s 77777. Terrible though the title is, and harsh though the volatility is, this slot machine is basically a simplified version of what you see here. It’s a fruit machine at its core, and can bestow substantial wins upon you.

As always, playing with a brand such as Merkur means you have to endure their difficulty levels, which are hardly for the faint hearted. But we think that if you’re playing with Gaming1, particularly this slot, you must enjoy being tortured whilst you game.

Hold ‘Em

Back to the paytable of the first game of So Spicy, for we’ve given the second activity more than enough air time. Although the first game has a smaller grid to work with, you get the added advantage of locked reels. When you get two matching symbols on two of the reels, the one remaining will spin again while the other two are held in place.

During our attempts we never formed a win, even despite this feature, but it certainly gave us more chances than what we’d have normally had. It’s not much to make this round standout from the other, but it does mean that there’s benefits to playing both parts of So Spicy and not just the one.

Flipping Mad

The last part of this real cash slot is its double or nothing, which we sort of covered earlier. The coin toss can be played on its own after every win, or as part of the So Spicy Bonus, and so it’s likely you’ll come into contact with it at some point. As far as its dynamics go, it’s easy to play and rather fun to look at, but it’s hardly original in its idea.

Customers will toss a coin and then decide which head it’ll land on; it’s the age old means of deciding who wins and who losses. There’s a lot of room to wriggle about and increase your winnings, but remember that if you make just one mistake you’ll lose the prize from that round. No takebacks when you play to gamble.

Mouth on Fire

So Spicy isn’t going to be our number one slot machine, but it’s certainly one that we’ll play again, and that we’d recommend. It has many unique layers to help keep the gameplay alive. And as for variance, it has that in the bucket load, both in its design and from the paytable itself.