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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 FreeT&C apply


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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When you play Arabian Caravan, you’ll be taken to the planes of west Asia to experience an exotic journey into the lives of those who utilise the desert as a means of business. When there’s such a large expanse of space, caravans are used to deliver goods to and from traders. This is what you’ll be doing inside this 243 ways to play slot, only you won’t get sore feet.

Brought to you inside a typical 3×5 matrix, this may look like a conventional activity that stays firmly inside the box. However, once you remove all that sand and dust, you’ll soon discover a land where a lot of treasures can be found, you just need to know where to look. Furthermore, as far as conventions go, Genesis is turning its back on theirs as there are no free spins to be found here.

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Sun Kissed Landscapes

As this is a Middle East based theme, and one that’s popular among players, you have to expect a certain level of repetition with the imagery. These games owe their success to how well executed the theme and/or design is, and so the more familiar icons used, the better the reception. This is why you’ll see lots of sand and not much greenery, even though we know deserts have oasis’s, though Genesis do address this issue.

As a result, you’re presented with a wash of different orange hues, the idea being that you can almost feel the sun beating down on the sand. The heat from the exhaustion making this far from an ideal way of living, and yet we keep on eating up the visuals. Probably because of how beautifully crafted they are – not one section of this matrix is dull or lifeless.

Riding to a New Life

If you’re vigilant, you’ve probably spotted that there’s a bonus round to unlock here, and a rather in-depth one that can go on for several rounds at a time. To get to that point though, you need a bit of luck in finding at least three of the scatter icons; they’re easy to spot as it’s a camel against the full moon.

In truth, that image has little to do with what you’re going to get when you launch the Desert Jars Bonus, for it’s less about riding and more about making discoveries. You’ll see what we mean once you’re faced with the 15 jars, where you need to select them until they reach a conclusion. Players will only ever be able to find a city, sand or an oasis.

  • Oasis:This reveals a prize that will improve your winnings.
  • City:This is the big leagues prize; you’ll get a lot of cash and then move onto another round of 15 jars, where the process starts over.
  • Sand:The one image you don’t want to see as it means the round is going to come to the end, however you still get to keep what you’ve won before now.

The Forest Calls to You

A life of wandering the desert, no matter how profitable, will eventually wear thin – at least it would do to us. What is more, when you’ve seen nothing but blue and orange for most of your life, the idea of seeing rich green trees particularly feels you with giddy glee. This is why we found ourselves drawn to Microgaming’s Mystique Grove; not only is it a different theme entirely, but it’s also an exact match gameplay wise to Arabian Caravan.

That’s a cause for celebration in our books, as we wanted to keep all the perks of this slot, but we didn’t want to keep having to engage with the same aesthetic over and over. Familiarity in small chunks, like in the ways to play – once you play 243 ways, it’s hard to go back to regular winlines. 

Settling Down

Once you stop moving with Arabian Caravan, the novelty of this real cash slot disappears, and you’re left in the middle of the desert with a handful of gold. This slot is a good game, but it’s yet another gap filler from Genesis, albeit one of their fancier attempts. We’re all for filling time in between bigger gaming experiences, but sometimes it’s good when a brand doesn’t just rely on one strand of revenue to generate interest.