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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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We’re on a racing train towards Arizona in this hoedown of a slot machine from Genesis Gaming. Taking the form of one of their western titles, it’s as authentic as you can get without buying a horse and riding it there yourself. Arizona Treasure will have you swigging whiskey and herding cattle with the best of them, your fat pay cheque making the hard work worth it.

Normally when we hear about this part of the world, we hear about Las Vegas and its city of lights, rather than the dusty mountains and valleys of the old west. Inside the 5-reels of this game, time hasn’t passed – we’re still in an era where we shootouts and digging for gold is commonplace. We love how quaint and rustic the reels feel, for it adds a charm to this activity.

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Off the Beaten Track

For saying we know Arizona, or at least the areas surrounding it, where we find ourselves inside this game is a mystery to us. This could the the Grand Canyon, but it could just as easily be any barren spot of land; the point of which is to demonstrate that we’re in the middle of nowhere. Notice how a decent set of graphics, alongside a memorable style, can really bring an idea to life?

When we’re playing Arizona Treasure, we feel as if we’re able to smell the sweet air of the day, that we can hear the crunch of stone under boot. That’s when you know a gaming brand has delivered: when they can fool you into forgetting, even for just a second, whereabouts you are. But how do they do this? They provide images we’ve seen throughout our lives, informed by our parents and friends that they’re what make a cowboy – whiskey, horses, rifles, and bandanas.

A Dirty Trick?

Have you ever been playing a real cash slot and the gamble feature feels like a dirty trick, like you’re being conned? It’s a horrible feeling when you have a sneaking suspicious that no matter how hard you try, you’re doomed to fail. We were worried we’d experience this here when we saw the gamble option, but actually Genesis have been quite kind. They haven’t made it too easy, but you can actually win at these rounds.

Whenever a win is made, regardless of the tiles involved, the Double Up and Triple Up buttons will flash wildly; you can ignore them and respin or press them and select one of the golden Ks. Some of the Ks will have money behind them, while the others will have a fat red cross – find the ones with money otherwise you lose. In our game we had several attempts, and a couple of times we won.

Good Luck

Aside from the gambling, there’s another feature to this title, and one that more of us will be willing to play; Arizona Treasure’s main booty is free games. Initially you’ll only get 5 rounds, but you’ll also be given the chance to select one of two wild icons for you to champion. A counter will then record how often these wilds show up; if your wild appears more than the other, you’ll get additional spins.

You can actually stay on an indefinite loop doing this, but there’s a catch, and that’s that every retrigger resets the counter, and so you have to select the wild all over again. So in reality, the likelihood of playing free games over and over isn’t as high as you might have first thought. Nonetheless, the opportunity to do so is always there, if you strike gold and get lucky.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Searching for gold will take you on many weird and wonderful journeys, with each location more quirky than the next. Sometimes you’ll be taken back to the swinging 60s, while others you’ll jump ahead into the future; with Wonder World, from Novomatic, you get to experience all the elements of a fairytale. To us that sounds way more appealing than dirting our boots and doing underhanded deals.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you don’t overlook other slots out there because you’re so focused on playing the same theme. A lot of the time you can take one component of your favourite slot and find it embedded in various others, you just need to look hard enough.

My Treasure

All in all Arizona Treasure is a decent slot machine, that is just diverse enough to feel separate from a lot of the generic games from Genesis in the past. That being said, you’re not about to be blown away with the level of variance or cash rewards here, and so for greater boons we suggest searching elsewhere, perhaps with games from Merkur or Novomatic. Those brands are known to deliver higher cash payouts.