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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Zombie hoards aren’t something to joke about, not when your life is on the line, and your humanity is at risk. In Attack of the Zombies, created by Genesis Gaming, you’re part of a gorgeous group of girls, dedicated to fighting the undead. It sounds like a pretty picture, but things can turn ugly in an instance when there’s no antidote guarding you.

Why these lovely ladies are risking their lives is beyond us, as we’d be every man for themselves, but clearly they see a bigger picture. They want the rest of the world to survive, or at the very least London, which is where they happen to be based. Clearly they’ve exhausted most of the establishments in the Victorian capital as they’ve taken to staking out the graveyard.

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Scooby Doo Special

It doesn’t take a fan of the kids cartoon Scooby Doo to see that there’s similarities in the way this piece of entertainment is portrayed; from the kooky characters to the playful theme, this is a comical way of delving into the undead. We like that Genesis have opted for that approach rather than for something more adult and serious, it makes the title more accessible.

A prime example of this is the various zombies themselves: they’re meant to look gruesome, and they do, but it’s done in a way that makes them less frightening. Instead of blood and gore everywhere, there’s droopy noses and missing eyes, not to mention the ghouls are dressed up. How can you take a monster seriously when it’s wearing a crown? That’s right, you simply can’t, it’s too funny.

A Horrible Transformation

These girls may have been doing well so far, but when three or more of the bonus symbol appear, their luck is about to run out. Instead of being instantly killed, the free games will turn them into zombies, allowing you a chance to turn them back. When the round starts all four of the gang will undergo a horrid transformation, their beauty unrecognisable.

After every winning spin, the third reel will reveal an antidote bottle, which will happen to cure the next girl that shows up on the grid. Obviously if no one shows up, you end up with a group of dead girls, but most of the time at least one of them is cured. Not only will they be made human again, but their symbols will now be wilds, seemingly making their ordeal seem worthwhile.

The Rate of Pay Is Terrible

For saying this is a game where you and those ladies are risking your lives, the returns you can stand to gain aren’t exactly amazing. In fact, the most you can ever receive from the highest tile is just 5 credits, though you can clearly find more than one five of a kind match. Not that you’ll feel good knowing that…

Thankfully, while you won’t become a high roller when playing Attack of the Zombies, you have the bonus of not having to pay through the nose to win. You can start off with a small fee of just 0.50 and be in with the same chances as everyone else; the Victorian class system be damned. This is one of Genesis Gaming’s most versatile games betting wise, so if you’re on a budget, it’ll become your new best friend.

Scaredy Cats Welcome

We don’t know about all of you, but some players aren’t going to like playing a horror game. It’s cool though, if we were all meant to like the same thing the world would be a less complicated, though arguably more boring, place. If you want to step away from bumps in the night, you can go to the icy shores of Penguin Power by RTG and play in the snow. It has the same matrix layout of 3×5 grid, as well as the same medium variance level. Of course, if horror is your genre through and through, you can always sample the spooky goings on from the reels of Mr Slotty’s Crazy Halloween.

Hungry for More

Attack of the Zombies shouldn’t make you hungry, but if it does we reckon you should go see a doctor. Joking aside, if you’re craving more horror action, then it goes to show how first rate this slot machine is. Modern, good looking, easy to play and cost effective – this game couldn’t be any more right for us if it tried. We’re not about to order in pounds of flesh to eat, but we might consider a pet zombie, with heavy focus on the ‘might’ part.