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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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We were slightly confused when we loaded up the pirate reels of Cannonball Bay, as we’d read other commentary that stated it lacked visual impact. That seems like an odd comment, seeing as this is one of Genesis Gaming’s more immersive themes we’ve seen to date. They may not be all singing and dancing 3D graphics, but the depth that each symbol has, as well as the matrix, is breathtaking.

If like us too you can’t see any initial issues with the 25 winlines of this real cash slot, then you’re in for an adventure of daring proportions. Anything missing due to the size of the game is made up in the detail that the brand has provided. Genesis are renowned for stretching their features so that they feel more inclusive than what they are, and it normally pays off well.

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Clever Tricks of the Trade

You’re probably more than ready to earn your keep now that you’re aboard this vessel, but before you even think about tasting that sea air, we need to talk about the shape of the ship. Specifically the way in which the lines are illustrated to users. We’ve played many slots, and so we didn’t think any innovation could be made in the controls section of gameplay. Yet we were wrong.

There’s your typical button like in most unfixed winline setups, but alongside it there’s an ornate slider on either side of the grid. This will move every time you increase the number of lines you’re playing with. Moreover, the number indicated changes as the increases are made. Such a subtle action in theory, but when seen on the gaming screen, it makes all the difference, and is hugely convenient. You can’t go wrong with usability like that.

We’re Under Attack!

The bonus round of this Genesis title is another round of extra games, five if you want to be exact. Quite frankly, that doesn’t sound all that interesting, even more so when you think about the theme and the idea behind the game. Fortunately, the brand must have anticipated such concerns, as they included explosions into the mix.

As we’re sensible, we’ll warn you now not to try throwing cannonballs around at home, but it’s more than safe if they’re landing on the Cannonball Bay reels. The event takes place when a spin of the game is completed, the symbols they land upon now transforming into wild icons. As we all know, wilds can be more giving when part of a winning combo, so the more you have the happier you should become.

Where Have We Seen This Before?

When it comes down to finding slots similar to this one, you shouldn’t have any problems at all, such is the demand of pirate themes. But then we looked even more acutely at the theme, narrowing it down to the cannonball side of the design, and were more than surprised with the results. It would seem that lots of gamers like exploding balls, from numerous brands. A fine match to this game is a title called Loose Cannon, developed by Microgaming. Not only does it have the same theme, but the winlines are there as well.

Weighing Anchor

The open waters are fun for a time, but every salty seadog eventually pines for the shores of home, even seasoned sailors such as ourselves. This would normally sadden us to think about, but with a slot like Cannonball Bay, you’re always aware how easy it is to open up the game and start again. And should you be low on cash, there’s a play for fun version that is completely free.

As far as we’re concerned, this is a fine example of the brand, lack of 3D graphics or otherwise. Anyone who says differently clearly hasn’t explored the full catalogue of the brand, nor have they given this game a decent chance. Sometimes slot machines are growers and take time to appeal to you, rather than being a love at first sight connection.