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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free

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Genesis Gaming in the past has always opted to create games that air on the side of what’s safe, especially when it comes to themes. Stepping out of its comfort zone, it appears that the new game from this particular developer has an air of mystery about it. Thunderbird Spirit has a Native American at heart, as the symbols in this game all designed with an animal approach in mind, as you are going to find oxen, fish, turtles, and more all over the reels.

When a developer makes the decision to step away from what it knows, it does so with risk in mind. With that thought in mind, does Genesis Gaming succeed at attempting something new with Thunderbird Spirit? The following reveals all you need to know about this mysterious new game!

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Stepping into the Unknown

To be honest, we are playing a bit of a guessing game when it comes to the theme of Thunderbird Spirit. While it looks to carry the appearance of a Native American reservation in the backdrop, it’s all a bit blurred, so it’s hard to make out any details. This doesn’t really help matters when it comes to figuring out what the game is based around. We think it’s safe to say that this approach ticks the mystery box, but it doesn’t actually further the theme of the game in any other capacity.

Thankfully, when the symbols come into play. Things become a little bit easier to grasp, as the Native American inspiration comes through loud and clear. You’ll find all kinds of ancient looking animals here, as the reels spin round and round, with the fish and turtles being our personal favourites. Overall, while it’s fun in places, Thunderbird Spirit is a game that lacks visual refinement in the most part.

Channelling Ancient Spirits

There are pretty clear problems when it comes to the design of Thunderbird Spirit, but it does make up for these misgivings on the gameplay front. This particular Genesis Gaming release goes huge on the payline front, as it allows players to control over 100 lines across 5 reels. Most games seldom venture over the 50-payline mark, so it’s great to see Genesis Gaming up the ante on this front.

Cost wise, this low variance game is largely the perfect blend of the budget friendly and the high roller favoured. The lowest possible wager is 1.00 if you want to cover all paylines, while those with a bigger budget can throw 1000.00 behind every spin should they so wish.

Ending in Disappointment

If Genesis Gaming has a problem, it’s probably related to bonus features, as they often create games that fall drastically short in this department. Sadly, Thunderbird Spirit doesn’t buck this trend. In fact, this probably has one of the most boring rosters of bonus features we’ve seen in some time.

With just scatter symbols and wilds to work with, the game just doesn’t have anything of note when it comes to replay value. Yes, like everyone else, we have a soft spot for free spins (you can grab up to 10 free spins here), but it really doesn’t feel like the game does enough outside of this to command our attention.

Confusing and Cumbersome

It may be a new game, but it’s the same old cumbersome controls in Thunderbird Spirit. To make a wager you have no choice but to jump between screens, while even the paytable adopts a multi-screen approach. Tiresome and not fitting with the game, it’s safe to say we are not fans of this control approach.

Thunderbird Spirit Will Test Your Patience!

On the grand scale, Thunderbird Spirit probably ranks quite low when placed up against other Genesis Gaming releases. While it’s a great to see a developer step away from the norm, they certainly should do so with much more conviction than this. Thunderbird Spirit delivers very little out of the ordinary, with it not grabbing our attention as we thought that it would, so as such this is probably a game to side step should it cross your path.

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