Genii Online Slots

In the online casino software industry, there is a lot of money to be made by simply playing it safe and making the kinds of games that everyone knows players enjoy. Thankfully, while there are plenty of conventional and generic options out there at online casinos, some firms continue to find ways to innovate, trying to find new design space that can push the gaming industry forward.

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One of the best examples of this at the moment is Genii, a private software firm that holds offices throughout Europe, including their main headquarters in Malta. The group has created more than 125 different games, each of which is hand-crafted to appeal to players and operators alike. With industry experience dating back to the 1990s, the company has particularly been successful in their slots products, where they have come up with unique formats that are unlike anything else we’ve seen online today.

Genii Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Spin and Win in Any Direction

The Genii suite of games numbers more than 130 titles in total, the majority of which are slot machines. The first thing you’ll notice if you see their collection is that there’s no one unifying style in terms of art or gameplay. This provides a tremendous opportunity to players who can work their way through this library and feel confident that they’ll find something they like – even if it is equally unlikely that everything in the collection will appeal to any one gambler.

Let’s start where we nearly always do: the slot machines. As long as we can remember, the vast majority of slots have worked in essentially the same way: players hit a button to spin the reels, and the game commences, giving out prizes if certain combinations were made. Sure, there were different options in terms of lines and reels, but the basic format remained constant.

Genii has played with this basic framework in a rather interesting way. Their line of games, known as Spin16, is made up of previously designed titles that have had an added feature thrown into the mix. In these machines, players can drag the reels to cause them to spin in whatever direction they want. We’re not sure how much of an impact this has on how the game plays out – it is mostly a cosmetic change – but it is a neat way to take advantage of the touch screen features of many mobile devices.

There is also a practical side to this idea. Whichever direction and line or reel you choose to click on to start the spinning will correspond to a spot on the outside of the screen. At the end of each spin, one of these spots will be chosen at random; if it is the one you’ve highlighted, then you’ll earn yourself a multiplier on all of your wins.

One perfect example of this idea in action is the Spin16 version of one of their signature titles, Age of Spartans. This is a relatively standard five-reel, 30-line slot is dedicated to the same Battle of Thermopylae that was the inspiration behind films like 300. You’ll see battle standards, swords and helmets, arrows, and more across the reels, all of which pay out if you can match them on your paylines. Wild warriors can double your winnings, but the real bonuses come after each spin, when the Spin16 features kick into gear, potentially earning you as much as 10x your initial prize.

While Spin16 is probably the most innovative idea found in their games, Genii has also produced plenty of variety in their standard games as well. For instance, take a look at Elementium, a game based on the very elements that make up our universe. The game features 10 lines set against a galactic star-covered backdrop, and each of the symbols used in the machine is gorgeously rendered to represent elements like earth, air, fire, and water. Wins can be scored either from left-to-right or to right-to-left, and there are a number of special symbols, such as the wild elemental star, which can expand to fill up entire reels.

There’s also a free skins game that can appear if you hit three or more crystal symbols anywhere on the screen (the more you see, the more free games are triggered). All wins during these bonus rounds are doubled, and random wilds will also appear on the reels in order to further improve your chances.

While romance isn’t a theme we often see explored in slots, that’s exactly what’s in play with Perfect Day, a 30-line, five-reel game that provides a whole new dimension to the Genii collection. While the game begins with the standard poker ranks for low value symbols, most of the rest of the icons are based on scenes from what might be a great first meeting between a potential couple: sitting at a restaurant table, relaxing on a bench at sunset, preparing for their first kiss.

There are several special features here as well. A Beach Date symbol acts as a wild, while a Paris Date is the scatter, which has the opportunity to earn you up to 20 free spins. During this bonus round, you’ll be able to take advantage of an additional wild – a Steamy Shower scene that gives you even more ways to make winning combinations. Set on a screen with soft colors and a highly contemporary design, this machine looks very different from the typical casino fare we’re used to playing.

These are just a few of the unorthodox but entertaining creations that have been developed by the team at Genii. The entire collection is really a site to behold, as very few games (with the exception of the Spin16 skins on existing titles) look anything like the ones around them. Essentially, the company’s style is to not have a singular style, instead relying on their creativity to continuously come up with new and unique titles for their players to enjoy. A few more of the top games in their slots library include:

Though it is not as heavily advertised, the company has also created games that go beyond their slots selections. There is also a smattering of other options, ranging from video poker machines such as Joker Poker to specialty games such as Keno. This small amount of added variety is enough to help this software serve as the centerpiece of a casino site, and while few operators utilize them in this way, we have seen Genii’s platform as the backbone of at least a few Internet casinos.

Full-Service Provider, But Easily Integrated By Others

As with many firms that have created a large library of games, Genii has also taken the step of developing their own back office software that allows an operator to build a new casino site from scratch. Their platform is designed to allow owners to easily manage their growing player base, easily configure their new website to their preferences, and handle play in a variety of languages and currencies. It also can help new operators run their bonus, promotions, and tournament systems, along with taking care of all the banking systems necessary to process withdrawals and deposits. One interesting aspect of this backend is that it also features some social media aspects, allowing sites to develop Facebook apps that can be played right in the popular social network.

While this seems like a feature-rich platform, it’s not the way we most frequently ran into Genii’s games. Instead, they are often included on many other platforms, including those from major developers like EveryMatrix and B3W. That means that there are new casinos receiving this library all the time, as they sign on to these distribution networks. The firm has also signed deals with a number of prominent individual operators to get their games added to their casino sites as well.

Fun Games Add Lots of Replay Value

If you run across a casino that features games from Genii, then you’ll find that their library adds replay value beyond measure to the collection. These games vary so much from one to the next that it is sometimes difficult to believe that they all come from the same studio. That’s a real asset, which helps explain why they’ve had a lot of success in distributing their products throughout the industry.

Granted, we’re not quite as enamored with the Spin16 concept as many players seem to be, and some of the games didn’t quite appeal to our sensibilities as gamblers. But we think that’s sort of the point. There’s truly something for everyone at this site, and players are likely to find something to like here. If you can find these games at a casino you enjoy, it’s well worth your time to browse their offerings, as we’re sure you’ll find a few titles that you’ll have a great time playing.

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