Habanero Online Slots

Today, the online casino software industry isn’t just about building slots and other games. Instead, many companies are taking a much more holistic approach, building not only the content that players crave but also the platforms and systems that support those games. In other words, operators can buy these platforms and run an entire casino off of them, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle is already in place, and that all aspects of a new site will work correctly from day one.

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One of the newer firms that offers such services is Habanero Systems. Since they launched in 2012, they have worked hard to get their software package in a variety of different markets by offering service in numerous languages. They’ve also proven their global commitment by opening major offices in Manila, Johannesburg, Sofia, and Kiev.

As a part of their package, Habanero offers up about 90 games, which are often seen alongside those of other studios at casino sites. And while they may not yet be a household name, this is a developer that has made plenty of quality titles in their short few years in the industry.

Habanero Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Attractive and Fun Slots Power Collection

In total, Habanero has created nearly 70 slot machines that they include in their platform. These games aren’t as famous as some of those from larger companies, and they don’t feature any well-known brands that will instantly pull players in thanks to their associations with television shows or movies. But they do cover a wide range of very popular (if sometimes somewhat generic) themes, many of which feature graphics and artwork that are as nice as anything we’ve seen on the market today.

This collection is entirely comprised of five-reel video slots, giving the entire set a very modern look and feel. The actual style of the machines does vary from game to game, but they generally look quite good: while there are few crazy animations that dart about the screen, there’s enough movement to keep things from getting static, and the graphics often have a quasi-3D appearance that is interesting (though your mileage may vary on what you think of this style). Importantly, each game is careful to be true to its theme, using everything from music to fonts that are appropriate for the mood the developers wanted to set.

For instance, the Roman Empire machine is a five-reel, 25-line slot that features all of the standard elements you’d expect in a classic online game. Players are tasked with making matches from left to right using the symbols we’ve come to associate with Ancient Rome, like swords and shields, military helmets, baskets of fruit, and Cleopatra. Coins depicting Caesar not only act as a wild, but also double any winnings they take part in, while hitting three or more Colosseums will earn you 13 free games. There’s even a progressive jackpot that has the chance to be triggered randomly at the end of every spin. Classical fonts and a nighttime Colosseum backdrop give this game a definitive Roman feel.

If you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical and colorful, you might want to give the cartoon bird-themed title Ruffled Up a look. While the game is still played on five reels, this machine features a 243 ways format, meaning every possible winning combination will count for you. The graphics here are a lot of fun: the birds all move on a set of three power lines that run across the screen, making the “rows” normally seen in a typical slot. The sound design is a lot of fun, too; there’s not just a silly song, but also plenty of squawking from the birds themselves. Each time you start a “spin,” the results are presented by having the current flock fly away to be replaced by a new set of birds that land on the empty spaces. Throw in expanded wilds, scatters that replace themselves, a progressive jackpot and a free spins round, and it is easy to see why this is one of Habanero’s most popular games.

Of course, with 69 slot machines available at the time of this writing, there is a whole lot of variety here, and you may find other games that tickle your fancy. Here are a few more that we particularly enjoyed:

As we’ve already mentioned, however, this company does a lot more than just slots. There’s also a set of 10 table game products that are included in their suite. These do include some duplicates, making it a rather limited collection: both blackjack and a double exposure variant are presented in three- and five-handed tables, so there are only eight games in total. Those include:

There is also a video poker collection that includes 10 titles, with the selection being almost exactly what you might expect: essentially, the 10 most famous styles of this game found throughout the world. Each game is presented in a format that allows you to choose to play in single-handed mode, or up to 100 hands at a time. Other than that, these are pretty unremarkable machines with boring but functional graphics. The game list is as follows:

A Winning Platform Built on HTML 5

The Habanero software is not yet seen at a large number of online casinos, though they have developed relationships with somewhere in the range of a dozen sites so far. At these casino sites, you’ll see their games presented alongside those of many other top developers: it is not uncommon to see them with the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Play’n Go, and others.

However, we expect to see this platform pick up some popularity as time goes on. Not only are the games pretty strong, but they are all built in HTML 5, which allows them to be released to all mobile and desktop operating systems at the same time. This is a common theme among younger companies that began their development efforts in the mobile gaming era, and gives them a significant advantage: they don’t have older “legacy” games that need to be ported over for mobile play.

In an effort to get their products into more sites, Habanero has also worked with aggregation partners like BetConstruct and Opus Gaming, which means you may see more crossover between these groups on sites in the future. This company has also become a fixture at conferences like the International Casino Expo and G2E Asia, and has been nominated for awards for mobile solutions and online suppliers (though we’re not sure that they’ve taken home any hardware just yet).

An Up-And-Coming Provider with Great Potential

AT the moment, it’s clear that Habanero has yet to have the breakthrough that would make them one of the bigger names in the online casino software business. But just because you won’t see their games at a high number of sites just yet doesn’t mean they don’t have something to offer for players and owners alike.

Overall, our impression of both the software and the games themselves that come from this company is quite positive. Their slots are visually interesting, well-produced, and have enough exciting and interesting features to keep even veteran players interested and coming back for more. Their video poker and table games aren’t nearly as impressive, but still deliver an authentic experience that’s more than sufficient to please most users.

Throw in the fact that everything in this collection is designed to be mobile-friendly from the ground up, and this is a platform that has a solid grounding and should be attractive to anyone who is looking to launch a new casino site. For players, Habanero comes recommended for anyone who enjoys trying fun and inventive slots; on the other hand, if you’re more interested in table games or an overall casino experience, then this package may not have all that much to offer you – though you might still enjoy their slots if they happen to be at a site you enjoy.