Harley Davidson Freedom Tour Slot

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500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms


500% UP TO $5,000 + $10 Free Full bonus terms

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You’re going to have your engines purring like kittens tonight, thanks to the 5-reels of the hotshot slot, Harley Davidson Freedom Tour. This real cash slot from IGT is where it’s at for all bike lovers out there, particularly the ones that have an eye for the classic models. Everyone knows that Harley Davidson is the best make of motorbike around, with the foundations of that fact set squarely back in 1903.

Despite the fact that this title clearly has a niche market, we believe that a lot of the general public can enjoy what this activity has to offer. There’s a lot of variance to be found here, meaning that the theme of the game can be put aside by those not really feeling it. Of course, part of the experience is down to imagining the wind whipping your hair back as you tear down the highway, so we do suggest you try to get into the spirit of things as much as possible.

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Streamlined for Perfection

Everyone that has ever owned a Harley, or has dreamt of doing so, will know that they’re not just about the looks but the streamlined handling as well; they’re powerful machines. They give you a burst of speed whenever you need it, and they do so in style. It’s the best of both worlds, hence why so many people are in love with this brand. IGT have attempted to capture this image, and we have to say that they’ve done so rather well.

Capturing the spirit of Harley Davidson is no easy feat, yet IGT have made it look somewhat easy: you have an open road stretched out before you, with a collection of related symbols making up the 30-winline grid. And then you have a map to unfold every time you want to move along to a different destination. They manage all this without cluttering the interface, meaning that you get a refined experience just as you would if you wer on the back of the bike itself.

Mile Muncher

One of the most innovative parts of this slot machine is the map and mileage feature, a design characteristic that really makes you feel like you’re on the open roads. The thing is, if you try to explore the map before looking into the information provided by the paytable, the feature is going to seem pretty confusing. Epic, but confounding nonetheless. The main reason for that fact is that we’re not used to seeing this type of dynamic inside a slot machine; some slots provide a board game like format, but not all that many.

What you need to do to activate your map, and get that rubber burning, is to collect miles on the clock, which means you need to do two conflicting actions: NOT activate the bonus and activate it. You see, you’ll earn an additional mile for every missed opportunity of a non-winning bonus symbol, however you’ll move one whole destination if you GET the bonus round. See what we mean when we say conflicting and mixed messages? If not, then maybe it’s just us, but we feel that a simpler system could have been implemented here.

Tickets to the Rally

Perhaps bikes aren’t your thing, but race cars are? If that’s the case then we’ve got some great news for you, in the form of Rally from Leander. This 5-reels slot machine has only 25 winlines, meaning you’ll end up compromising on some of that legroom, but in doing so you get a sweet deal with medium variance. Not to mention you’ll be able to play this game whilst on the move, an option we’re not certain that Harley Davidson Freedom Tour has (please correct us if we’re wrong).

What is more, the Leander title also has a more welcoming pay-in at just 0.25 credits for the first spin, which is staggeringly lower than 50 credits per pop. However, you do need to remember that you’ll get slightly less variance when playing with Leander, which is probably why the price is so different in range.

In the Name of Freedom

We have to admit that this game was nothing like we expected, and we mean that in the best of ways – Harley Davidson Freedom Tour blasted us into unknown waters, filled with all sorts of features and extras. The main example of which has been discussed above, for arguably that’s the titles most refreshing and exclusive feature of the entire game. That being said, we come back to that niggling issue that some players may be put off by the content found here, a factor that’ll be difficult to look past, even when the variance is on your side.