Incredible Technologies Online Slots

Not every online casino software provider comes into the business from the same angle. Many have started right here in the Internet industry, while others made games for real world casinos first. Still others have backgrounds in social gaming or other tangentially related areas.

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But few firms have as unique a story as Incredible Technologies. It’s likely that you’ve heard of at least a few of their games, though probably not because you’ve encountered them at a casino. Founded back in 1985, the company started in the basement of its two owners, and worked primarily on pinball machines and game programming for other arcade gaming firms. It would only start producing its own products in 1988, when it released Capcom Bowling.

That game was critical, for even if you’ve never played it, you’ve likely heard of another favorite that uses its trackball control system: Golden Tee. This golf simulation has become one of the most popular bar games in the world, being released with new versions almost every year and now even supporting tournament play with competitors facing off from multiple locations.

But the world of gaming goes far beyond bars and arcades, and Incredible Technologies realized this. Starting in 2008, the studio began to produce slot machines and other electronic games for casinos, mostly selling them to international markets rather than in their native United States (the group is currently headquartered in Illinois). Today, some of these games have even found their way online at a limited number of Internet casinos.

Incredible Technologies Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Limited Provider

First, it is important to realize that Incredible Technologies is no a major player in the online world. This is a big company, but their biggest contribution to the world is probably still Golden Tee. And when you talk about even just the casino gaming world, they still have a lot more games available for the brick-and-mortar industry than for the Internet.

That said, the company has made some of their games available for the iGaming market in the United Kingdom. These slots are generally ported versions of their land-based machines, offering high quality gameplay and name recognition for many players.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more notable titles that have been released by the company on the web. Perhaps the best known game is Leonidas: King of the Spartans, a game based on the legendary king (most recently made famous in the movie 300). This is a five reel game with 40 paylines, and players are tasked with matching swords, helmets, and Greek warriors. Leonidas himself can show up in a stacked format that opens the door to even more wins, while hitting two queen symbols will trigger a special free spins battle round. This game has the widest distribution of any Incredible Technologies slot online, as it is sometimes included in NYX packages.

Another signature game from this developer is Girls Day Out. This machine features a similar layout to the Leonidas game, with a nearly identical five reel, 40 payline structure. As the name suggests, the theme is a pretty heavily gendered one, and the makers weren’t light on the girly stereotypes. This is all about shopping for bags, clothes, and accessories by matching them on the reels and earning prizes. The biggest extra feature is a free spins bonus where you’ll be asked to pick between a few men to select a date, with the guy of your choice revealing a hidden number of free plays.

Perhaps predictably, this game also has a companion slot known as Guys Night. This one is for the men as you’ll be matching, burgers, steaks, tickets to a sporting event, cigars and so much more (we’ve even seen a version with cricket bats and balls on the reels for the UK market). There are wild women throughout the reels, as well as a special Lady Luck feature, which allows players to pick from a selection of beautiful women to take home either some free credits or some free spins.

Other popular machines from Incredible Technologies that can be found at gaming sites or in land-based resorts include Money Roll, Astro Cat, Crazy Money and Robin Hood: Riches of Sherwood Forest.

A Trusted Firm with Unparalleled Experience

For the most part, machines created by Incredible Technologies don’t have any particular features or aspects that really make them stand out from the pack. The games all look good enough, and fit in well with any modern online slots collection; at the same time, however, they aren’t particularly innovative or groundbreaking, which makes it hard to point out any specific reason why players might want to seek them out.

Where we really think the firm makes its mark is in its stability and experience. This is one of the most trusted and experienced names in the entire gaming world – and that’s true no matter what aspect of their business you’re talking about. It’s rare to see this kind of consistency, but the studio has actually been run by the same two people since its founding: President and CEO Elaine Hodgson along with Executive Vice President Richard Ditton. That’s over 30 years of leadership under the same executives, which means that you can trust the culture of excellence that they have built up over the past three decades.

That may not mean much to most players, but it does at least speak to the reputability and dependability of their games. If you play at an online casino site that includes these games, you’ll know you’re getting a fair deal while enjoying them.

You’re More Likely to Play Their Bar Games

Because of how limited their online operations are, most Internet gambling fans will never see Incredible Technologies games at their favorite sites. In fact, if you’re not in the UK’s regulated market, you won’t have their offerings as an option – and even there, only a handful of sites include their lineup.

That’s not to suggest that their products aren’t worth playing, but rather that it really isn’t worth seeking them out: you aren’t likely to find them, and as we said earlier, the handful of titles they produce for web-based play aren’t spectacular enough to make much of a fuss over. If you happen to run into their slots at a site you’re already playing on, you should give a few of them a try. But otherwise, just use the fact that you know the group also makes real money Internet games as a great bit of trivia you can tell your friends the next time you play a round of Golden Tee.

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