Intervision Gaming Online Slots

If you’re really into online gambling, it can be hard to remember that even as the industry grows by leaps and bounds, it still pales in comparison to the kind of money that is brought in by land-based resorts. That means that while most software developers now pay at least some attention to iGaming, there are still those whose primary focus is on the brick-and-mortar community. These companies are often relatively unknown to gamblers who focus on the Internet, even if they might make quality products.

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Intervision Gaming is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Founded in 2006, this firm, headquartered in Leicester and owning offices throughout the world, is nonetheless a small-time developer when it comes to online play. The reason for this isn’t mysterious, however: it’s just that this provider is mainly looking to sell their machines to land-based casinos, and has only recently gotten themselves into web-based gaming. However, given their reputation that they’ve built over more than a decade in live venues, their more recent interest in iGaming might be something that players want to pay attention to.

Land-Based Hits Ported to Your Computer

Even when it comes to their work in live gaming, Intervision isn’t necessarily the most prolific or productive studio. Since opening, they have created more than 50 slots that you can play at live venues: a perfectly respectable collection to be sure, but small compared to some of the biggest slots manufacturers in the world. This is still a company that’s on the smaller side of the industry, though they have grown a lot over the past decade.

Today, a handful of sites now offer up some of these games, with the company having ported them over for mobile and computer play. These games certainly look the part of something you’d find in a brick-and-mortar resort, featuring flashy graphics, plenty of bright colors and dynamic, eye-catching art, and the kind of attention to detail that is standard among developers that are used to making games for demanding casino clients.

There are a few games that exemplify exactly what we mean. There’s 101 Lions, a title that’s all about the animals of the African savannah. Over 101 lines, you’ll be matching zebras, gazelles, and elephants, along with the lions themselves: a stacked symbol that acts as a wild whenever you see them.

Artistically, the game is played against the backdrop of an African sunset, and the rich tones of the sky serve as a great complement to the earthy tones that are mostly present on the reels. The one exception to this are the highly stylized and brightly colored poker rank symbols, which – as in most slots – serve to grant the players smaller wins.

If there’s one disappointing aspect of this machine, it would have to be the relative lack of bonus features. The only special round on offer is a free games mode that is triggered whenever you hit three bonus symbols on a single spin. When this occurs, you’ll earn 12 free plays, which can be retriggered if you hit the winning combination yet again.

A similarly natural theme is utilized in another Intervision machine known as Wolf Pack. This time, you’ll be looking at a North American forest setting, with plenty of allusions to Native American culture to go along with the wolves that are all over these reels. While it’s far from an exact copy, we’d have to say that IGT’s Wolf Run is definitely an inspiration for this machine: after all, both feature stacked wilds, which were first made famous by the IGT machine.

Thankfully, this is a game that tries to do its own thing, and succeeds. Played on 5×4 reels with 50 paylines, you’ll be matching totems, teepees, and a couple different varieties of wolves to score big wins. A close-up of a grey wolf serves as the wild, and as we mentioned, it comes in stacks, meaning it might just cover entire reels on a single spin. Very similarly to 101 Lions, the only special feature is a free spins game: this time, hitting three bonus symbols will earn you seven plays.

Stepping away from these animal-based games for a moment, let’s look at the more traditional Jester. Once again, we use that same 5×4 layout, again with 50 lines. However, the theme is certainly a change of pace: there’s a mix of card ranks and suits that are used in order to give out lower-value prizes, while many of the tools of the medieval jester grant bigger rewards: lutes, juggling balls, shoes and other items can all lead to massive prizes if you hit five in a row.

Many aspects of this game will sound quite familiar by now. There is the jester himself, who acts as a wild, as well as a princess, who is the game’s scatter. Hit three of her, and – you guessed it – you’ll earn seven free spins, which can be retriggered if you find that combination again during the bonus round.

There are more games in the Intervision collection, but this should give you a good idea of the positives and negatives of these slots. Each one is well-crafted, with high-quality graphics and a smooth, intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. However, these games run on a framework that only changes slightly from title to title. If you’re someone who likes diverse gameplay elements, you might not find that here. However, this could change as more of the company’s machines are ported over to the iGaming world.

Reputation Built From Land-Based Work

As we’ve already talked about quite a bit, Intervision Gaming isn’t much of a name when it comes to online casinos. Only a small number of their games are available on the Internet so far, and only a small number of casinos – mostly operating under licenses from Curacao – have picked up these slots in order to add them to their offerings.

But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a company that can be trusted. In their more than a decade of service to the land-based sector, Intervision has done an excellent job of complying with the laws and regulations of a wide range of governments, helping them to build a strong reputation for being an upstanding developer. That would suggest to us that they will take that same approach when it comes to iGaming, and the high quality of the online versions of their games suggests that they are taking the task seriously.

At the moment, these games are primarily found on platforms that combine the work of several providers. For instance, the company recently signed a deal with ORYX Gaming, which provides software to many Internet gambling sites, putting Intervision’s titles alongside those of Microgaming, NetEnt, and other major providers.

Worth A Look for Curious Players

Intervision Gaming has developed a strong portfolio of slot machines for live play, and so far, the titles that have made their way over to the iGaming industry seem to be accurate and quality versions of those games. These are pretty solid games for a large brick-and-mortar resort, which in turn makes them a fine addition to any online casino, where these products will tend to stand out as being particularly polished and professional compared to the industry average.

At the same time, however, these games are generally pretty run of the mill in terms of gameplay: not bad, but lacking any unusual or innovative features that would really make players take special notice of them. If you enjoy playing traditional, reliable, and straightforward games, then these Intervision machines are a good place to look. On the other hand, if you want more than an interesting theme to capture your attention, you might find these machines to be a bit too conventional for your tastes.