Country Club Casino Tasmania

Tasmania may not strike players in Australia as being one of the leading gaming destinations in the country, but it actually boasts two high quality casinos and is a genuine hub of entertainment that certainly lives up to anywhere else in the country for quality and service. The Country Club Casino is located in Launceston and a massive part of the casino’s appeal is the fact that it is set in truly picturesque surroundings. It is not called the Country Club for nothing, and the images that such a name brings to mind are exactly what the casino looks like. While many casino players are often attracted to the market leaders for the eclectic mix of services, few are as diverse as this particular casino which is set in stunning greenery. Among the extra facilities are of course bars and restaurants and even a full golf course. It is the kind of destination where many Aussies go to get away from it all and so also offers spectacular accommodation options including both hotels and villas.

The casino definitely appeals primarily to Aussies rather than international players and this is reflected in the gaming selection. Whereas some of the bigger brands are falling over themselves to offer Sic Bo and Chinese restaurants, Country Club in Tasmania replaces them with local favourites such as Federal Pontoon.

Country Club Casino Tasmania – The Best Bits

The Country Club Casino in Tasmania is clearly intended to offer casino gaming as a complementary activity to all of the other sporting and relaxation activities that are available across the site. This is reflected in virtually every standout feature of the casino experience, particularly the promotions. Many casinos offer gaming credits and perhaps discounts at bars and restaurants but few can claim to offer cheaper games of golf and spa days in addition to these benefits. Players gain access to all of the rewards by enrolling in the Federal Rewards Club which covers everything the entire Country Club facility has to offer. The aforementioned selection of local favourites and all of the most popular casino titles ensures that players are never at a loss for something to do and the quality of the gaming experience definitely ranks up there with all of the bigger names across Australia.

Getting the Country Club Casino Tasmania Experience Online

The fact that the Country Club Casino is so unique means that players are unlikely to replicate the full experience at any online casino. After all, the biggest online names are packed with great games and numerous forms of entertainment, but we highly doubt that any of them are anywhere near putting together an eighteen hole golf course for members any time soon. It is therefore important to look away from the Country Club experience as a whole and instead focus on the aspects of the casino itself that make it so popular. One definite online opportunity is finding similar reward schemes. Some players are happy to earn points for their play and to convert these points back into cash but this is not necessarily the only option. Like at the Country Club, players can accumulate loyalty points for all of their gaming activity and then use them for extra promotions, exclusive invitations and much more.

Again, the fact that Tasmania’s Country Club Casino is so Australian means players are unlikely to find anything quite as authentic online, primarily due to legislation issues. However, it remains possible to find even the rarest table games online and we would definitely point players in the direction of Microgaming casinos for the best that the online space has to offer.

Country Club Casino Tasmania in Summary

As you will have noticed throughout the review, the Country Club Casino in Tasmania is not the typical Aussie gaming experience and could certainly claim to be mostly unique in the country. Many of the main benefits of playing there come from the complementary activities, although players that have enjoyed their time there can definitely get to grips with some similar games online. Be sure to have a browse through all of our titles here at Mr Gamez, which have been specially selected to represent the best of online casino gaming, and you are sure to find the right online experience that is more than comparable to that of the Country Club.