Star Casino Sydney

The Star Casino in Sydney has been designed and positioned to be one of the absolute best gaming experiences in all of Australia and it most certainly succeeds at that aim by combining a great gaming selection with the kind of facilities and service that stands out even in a country known for high quality land based casinos. Naturally, Sydney has the very genuine benefit of being an international class city, attracting visitors from around the world. This leads to the Star having the income and reputation to truly invest and stand out from the crowd. The result is a casino that more than stands up to competition from the likes of Singapore and Macau, making the star a popular choice not only among Aussies but also Asian customers that visit Sydney with the sole purpose of enjoying casino entertainment.

As always, visitors to the casino can expect not only the finest in casino gaming but also a thorough, all-round entertainment experience. The main casino is definitely the centrepiece, but it is joined in the complex by sports bars, restaurants, health spars and of course hotels to accommodate the numerous international visitors.

Star Casino Sydney – The Best Bits

Such is the sheer quality of the overall experience at the Star Sydney that all of the basics are well and truly covered. What would count as highlights at other land based casinos throughout the world, such as a great gaming selection and top class customer service are a given and so the Star in Sydney manages to stand out in other ways. One of the definite highlights for all sorts of players is the Star’s own rewards scheme that covers every Star branded casino in Australia. At its core it is much the same as any other loyalty scheme found throughout the country, with players being rewarded based on their activity and stakes. However, it is one of only a few to offer a tiered range of rewards, just like online casinos, and it also ties in directly to the casino’s promotions that are among the best in the land based business. As would be expected from a tiered rewards scheme, the more you spend and play, the better the promotions.

International players, of which the Star boasts many, can also get a leg up on the ladder in order to get the best out of their visit. The Sovereign Room, for example, is perhaps the most exclusive VIP room in Australia but even brand new players can achieve access on a flying visit by committing to a certain spending level.

Getting the Star Casino Sydney Experience Online

In the same way that it goes without saying that the Star is home to some of the best land based casino games in Australia, players can never go wrong with any of our recommended online casinos. You can check out which manufacturer provides the gaming platform in our casino reviews or alternatively head directly to a game page for suitable recommendations that are tied in directly to the game itself. Rest assured that no online casino makes it onto Mr Gamez without a great selection of slots and pokies, table games, video poker and more.

In terms of rewards, coming close to what the Star has to offer can require a little more research. If it is top class VIP treatment that you are after, then our reviews are once again a great place to start. Not all online casinos were created equally when it comes to VIP treatment and so players will often notice great rewards and promotions being noted in each specific review. These may well be the best online casinos to focus on for a similarly rewarding experience.

Star Casino Sydney in Summary

As perhaps the most international casino in Australia, the Star shares many of the same intentions as we do here at Mr Gamez. After all, appealing to as many international players as possible is something that we both have in common and the Star experience is something that many of our readers have or should experience no matter where they are from. Casual players can definitely have a great time, but VIP high rollers will also have the kind of experience that is seldom found outside Las Vegas. Such players should check out some of our online games with high, flexible betting limits together with the casinos that offer them in order to get the authentic Crown experience online.