Land Based Casinos in Canada

There are more than fifty casinos in Canada, something that will come as no surprise to local players as casino gaming makes up an intrinsic part of culture and tourism in the country. The more relaxed land based gaming laws than those in the US ensure that plenty of players from both countries make the visit to some of the leading destinations and they are rewarded with some of the most impressive action around. Many of the casinos in the country are relatively small, with a few slots and gaming tables being sufficient for them to be classed as casinos, although those players that are looking for a Las Vegas style gaming experience will never need to look too far as Canada is also home to some of the largest casinos in the world. The mix of privately owned and government operated casinos ensure that standards are always high and that players can be assured of being well looked after, regardless of their bankrolls or playing styles.

Many of the major casinos in Canada serve as all in one betting establishments, meaning that players can indulge their passions for just about any gambling activity. Perhaps the best example of this is that all of the major casinos are either on the same site as a sporting facility such as a horse racing track, or have dedicated off-course betting facilities where players can place wagers on everything from horse racing to hockey and much more in between.

While online gaming in Canada is something of a grey area, steps are most definitely being made towards bringing the industry up to speed and Canadian players can already take advantage of a wide range of online opportunities, particularly compared to players in the US. The definite upside of this for players is that it is relatively easy to find comparable gaming functionality and rewards online by playing at casinos that are powered by some of the most high profile developers. If online gambling in Canada is your thing, then we invite you to head on over to our Canadian online casinos page. Otherwise, read on to discover all about the best gaming opportunities that the country has to offer.