Caesars Windsor Casino

Caesars is without doubt one of the biggest gaming brands in the world and no matter where a player is, if they are playing at one of the company’s casinos then they know to expect some of the finest gaming action, hospitality and service in the world. The company may well be best known for their US casinos, although the reason for choosing Ontario explains why they made this their main location in Canada. The city is simply one bridge away from Detroit in Michigan, meaning that players from both the US and Canada can consider Caesars Windsor to be their main local casino and indeed, many do. Poker, slots and table games are all fully represented on the casino floor, ensuring plenty of action no matter where the player comes from.

There is of course also plenty of scope for international players to enjoy everything that Caesars has to offer. The twin towers of the casino’s hotel includes 758 rooms and suites plus a spa and fitness centre, making it the perfect place for a visit for players that want to combine casino gaming with exploring one of the most popular parts of Canada. Players can also enjoy a range of top quality restaurants, not to mention the sports bar that is almost mandatory at any Canadian casino.

Caesars Windsor Casino – The Best Bits

There are hundreds of games on offer at the casino across terminals and tables, although this is a given when it comes to any Caesar’s casino. One highlight of the slots that we simply have to mention is the Total Touch platform that has been built in to every game. While it does not affect the game itself in any way, it allows players to order their drinks from the machine itself which are then brought to them, with the machine even remembering the drink order history to make it even quicker next time. This Harrah’s exclusive may not be the kind of highlight you would expect to see here at Mr Gamez, but it is definitely something that demonstrates just how advanced the casino’s hospitality and service really is.

Moving on to the table games, the selection is as big as ever and players can choose from the likes of baccarat and blackjack, plus some more niche favourites like Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow and Let it Ride. The tables demonstrate exactly why Caesars Windsor is such a favourite among serious players in the area as they offer the highest table limits in the Ontario/Michigan areas, with a $25,000 maximum bet on blackjack serving as the perfect example.

Getting the Caesars Windsor Casino Experience Online

Finding table limits that compare favourably to those available at Caesars Windsor can be difficult, although certainly not impossible when playing online. Many run of the mill casinos go along with whatever the software carries as the standard limit, and such casinos are no good for reaching such online limits. The best advice for achieving something like increased limits is to look for a major casino brand that operates somewhat independently. They have greater control over their games and can often make their own adjustments, particularly if players make a sufficient deposit to sweeten the deal. After all, blackjack of any type always has the odds in the house’s favour and many casinos that can afford to absorb the losses will certainly want to take a crack at acquiring such large stakes!

Elsewhere, the key for recreating the Caesars Windsor online is pretty much the same as any other Caesars property around the world. The casinos are known for a great mix of games backed up by excellent, personalised service. This is something that is matched up well by all of the recommendations on our Canadian online casinos page, meaning that they are all a great place to start.

Caesars Windsor Casino in Summary

Caesars Windsor is uniquely positioned to appeal to players from both the US and Canada and carries all the hallmarks of the major brand that owns and operates it. It makes for a casino that is busy around the clock with a wide mix of players from local areas and beyond, ensuring a casino experience unlike any other. The extra onsite facilities are all top notch and so we can say with certainty that Caesars Windsor is always worth a visit. As always, we recommend the aforementioned Canadian online casino page here at Mr Gamez for those looking for a similar online experience to what Caesars has to offer.