Casino de Montreal

For any of our readers that have never been to Casino de Montreal but are planning a visit, be prepared to be amazed. The casino is the largest in Canada and is even considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Such is its dominance over the local landscape that even the road that it is on – Rue Du Casino – is named in its honour. Five floors of gaming action incorporate a stunning selection of games, with more than 3,000 slots from all sorts of different manufacturers and more than a hundred table games, not to mention a separate eighteen table poker room that many players from around the world consider to be one of the most impressive areas of its type in the entire world.

Casinos of this magnitude may often run into planning application issues or other problems with authorities when it comes to expansion or operation, but no such issues ever arise at the Casino de Montreal as all profits go to the provincial government, ensuring that it is in their best interests to make Casino de Montreal one of the essential gaming destinations in the world. The mammoth casino also incorporates four restaurants and three bars, not to mention sports betting facilities and much more. Open around the clock, it is simply somewhere that any serious casino fan should visit, even if only for the breath-taking experience.

Casino de Montreal – The Best Bits

What better place to start when it comes to a casino that covers five floors than with the games themselves. In terms of slots, any fans will be absolutely in their element. As noted, there are more than 3,000 machines in the casino and the betting ranges are absolutely mind blowing, with games that can be played for as little as a penny all the way up to $500 per spin – something that even the leading online casinos struggle to keep up with. Of course, no player wants to be carrying around their winnings from $500 spins in coins and so the machines both accept and pay out in the paper coupons that are a common site in the pockets of visitors. Table games are equally wide ranging when it comes to limits and players can enjoy all manner of different games in the casino, including three different variations on the standard blackjack format plus, Casino War, Sic Bo, Let it Ride Bonus and much more.

The great news for online players that want to try their hand in one of the most stunning casinos in the world is that their membership scheme, the Casino Privileges Club, allows players to get the most out of their casino visits while also sharing many of the features of online loyalty schemes. At a basic level, all play is converted into points whether the player wins or loses and the membership card is compatible with many of the casino’s slots, meaning that players do not even need to visit the cash desk to reap the rewards on their games of choice. Not only that, but players can get an even better rate of return by exchanging their points for services and products at the casino itself, while also making their way through the various membership levels on offer for even bigger rewards.

Getting the Casino de Montreal Experience Online

We can safely say that online players will never find something as stunning as Casino de Montreal at online casinos, but there are plenty of means by which to acquire the same service, action and rewards. From a general perspective, every casino software provider offers different perks that can really bring the experience to the screen. Playtech casinos have the best live dealer table games, while Microgaming offers the widest range of online slots. Furthermore, Net Entertainment offers an eclectic mix of both with some of the best graphics ever seen in the industry.

The other main tip is to ensure that you keep an eye on the rewards. One of the best features of the leading online casinos in Canada and beyond is that win or lose, players can still receive something in return for their custom. Some casinos even offer their own points shops like the one at Casino de Montreal, rewarding players with real world goods and services rather than just cash and often at improved conversion rates.

Casino de Montreal in Summary

Casino de Montreal is eye-catching for all of the right reasons and should be in the travel plans for any casino fan. However, there is much more to the experience than just the sheer size and it offers one of the most rewarding gaming opportunities around. No online casino will take your breath away in the same manner, but there is a wide range of betting opportunities that share plenty in common for online players and our Canadian online casino list is always the best place to start looking.