Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino opened in 1994 and was New Zealand’s very first land based casino. It remains one of the largest casino gaming opportunities in the country, with more than 500 pokies and over thirty gaming tables, not to mention three restaurants and two bars for the complete entertainment experience. Indeed, it is considered by many Christchurch residents to be the main entertainment hub in the area, owing to the quality and range of options. While the casino itself does not fall under the main branding banner, it is part owned by SkyCity, by far the biggest name in land based casino gaming in New Zealand and one that assures players not only of quality gaming but also of quality service.

The casino is also considered to be one of the main gaming destinations on a country wide level and is often considered for expansion due simply to the sheer number of visitors that it attracts. These visitors are drawn in by the wide range of options that mean that they do not necessarily need to even enjoy the games themselves! Among the alternatives is the sports bar with live action from around the world and live bands every weekend, with the casino open from 11am to 3am in line with the other establishments around the country.

Christchurch Casino – The Best Bits

Any of our readers that have visited any of the casinos in New Zealand will know exactly what to expect at Christchurch Casino as players are treated to a similar experience in each of them. As one of the larger casinos, Christchurch definitely has size on its side and can offer a wider range of games than most. It also features Club Aspinall, named after the company from which SkyCity acquired their stake. This is known as one of the most exclusive casino VIP lounges in New Zealand and attracts serious players from around the country, who value it not only for the enhanced table limits but also the excellent customer service that is provided by their dedicated team of VIP hosts. These hosts also serve to make Christchurch Casino an attractive proposition for international visitors as they are multilingual and highly experienced in offering the best comps and all-round service.

Another of the highlights at Christchurch Casino stems again from the quality of the service and is known simply as Fun Gaming. While many casinos opt to pack their tables with as many paying players as possible, Christchurch Casino takes something of a different approach by allowing players to book a whole table in advance for a fee. This table comes with a professional dealer and allows players the use of a poker, blackjack or roulette table. Players can use this option to have the dealer teach them the game or to run their own tournament – either way, it is all in the spirit of fun.

Getting the Christchurch Casino Experience Online

There is no better place to start recreating the Christchurch Casino experience online than right here at Mr Gamez. Just like at the casino itself, our focus is always on fun and if you need to learn a game or simply perfect your betting strategy, you are more than welcome to enjoy all of the table games and pokies that we have to offer. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a penny to get the best out of all the titles, ensuring that you can gain an edge over the casual players before even visiting the casino itself.

For those that already have a good grasp of all of the action on the tables and pokies, we would certainly point you in the direction of our New Zealand online casino reviews. As with all of our casinos, these operators have been handpicked for offering the kind of service that players have come to expect, but they have been narrowed down based on the excellent availability of all manner of pokies, not to mention the use of New Zealand Dollars as a banking currency wherever that is available.

Christchurch Casino in Summary

Christchurch Casino is one of the true market leaders in New Zealand’s land based gaming space and packs plenty of enjoyment onto the gaming floor. It is a great place to visit casually, owing to the range of entertainment and close proximity to Christchurch’s nightlife, while more serious players are brilliantly looked after in Club Aspinall. Online players can check out all of our casino reviews, covering games, promotions and more to ensure that they are getting as close as possible to what Christchurch Casino has to offer without even having to leave the house.

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