Rio Casino

rio_casinoIt is not often that we get to comment on a little Brazilian flair coming to South Africa, but that is exactly what players are in for when they visit Klerksdorp’s Rio Casino Resort. Many South African casinos adopt a theme although few do it with such pizazz as the Rio and while it may share a name with a Las Vegas casino, that is purely coincidental although this gaming experience would certainly not be out of place in the gambling capital of the world. The Rio Casino features all of the gaming action that any player could possibly want, not to mention a full set of complementary features from fine dining to stage shows and much more.

The Rio Casino is also one of a number of South African casinos to be operated by Peermont and anyone that has ever stayed locally will know that this stands for one thing – quality accommodation. The onsite hotel at the Rio is a Peermont Metcourt and while this means three star accommodation by official standards, three Peermont stars generally mean more than the same number anywhere else. Basically, it is more than enough for even the most demanding visitors, although there is so much going on at the Rio throughout the day and night that we would assume that most visitors will be asleep for 90% of the time that they spend in the room itself!

Rio Casino – The Best Bits

Nationally speaking, the Rio Casino is one of the smaller of the major casinos in South Africa, although as we often promote quality over quantity we can certainly not mark it down in this regard – particularly when the quality of the experience is this good. While players will not find the hustle and bustle of one of the Sun International casinos at the Rio, there are still over 270 slot machines and thirteen gaming tables to enjoy. VIP gaming is of course very big business in South Africa too and no serious casino would be complete without a Salon Privé facility which the Rio most definitely has, billing is as the ultimate gaming experience for the high roller.

Loyalty is always well rewarded at any Peermont property through their Winners Circle and the Rio continues this tradition. Joining the Winners Circle is completely free and can be carried out in person and while there are a number of tiers for different types of player, even the most casual can start reaping the rewards quickly. In its most basic form, players can use their membership cards to earn points on any games and then either redeem these points for free spins directly on the specially converted slot machines or for straight cash at the same desks within the casino where they would normally cash out. In addition, even the most basic level of membership comes with 15% off accommodation at any Peermont property plus exclusive promotions, offers and invitations, with everything increasing as players make their way through the levels.

Getting the Rio Casino Experience Online

When assessing the Rio Casino for a comparable online experience, the best place to start is definitely the Winners Circle rewards scheme. While we covered the basics above, the scheme has so much in common with the most popular online loyalty schemes that players could be forgiven for thinking that it was actually part of an online casino operation. Tiered membership levels are nothing new for experienced players, but the way that they actually work is extremely familiar. The points for play concept is of course nothing new, but the fact that players that make progress through the tiers can enjoy a range of real world rewards such as invitations to sporting events and VIP functions is something that more serious players will definitely want to keep an eye on. You can find out exactly what the top online casinos in South Africa and around the world have to offer in this regard by checking out the bonuses and rewards section of each and every casino review here at Mr Gamez.

Rio Casino in Summary

Rio Casino may not be the biggest casino in South Africa, but it definitely ranks up there as one of the best. The themed nature of the entire operation means that it has plenty in common with Las Vegas casinos and is perfect for that type of player, while the presence of a Peermont hotel on the site makes it the ideal stop off point for international visitors. Whether you play locally in South Africa or are reading this review from elsewhere, you can be sure to find the best online action with a Rio flavour in our online casino reviews, and be sure to check out our wide and varied range of slots, table games and more around the site.