Leander Online Slots

If an online gambling software company wants to specialize in a particular type of game, it will usually be slot machines. Slots make up the vast majority of games at most Internet casinos, so it’s the easiest path to getting your games into gaming sites.

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Leander Games is one of the many such firms that populate the industry today. Since 2008, this firm – based in Argentina, but with offices and servers in other parts of the world as well – has developed dozens of different slots which are now available as a part of more than 60 online gambling sites. Focusing heavily on regulated jurisdictions, you won’t see these products in the United States, but the company does hold licenses to offer gaming in a number of major countries, including the UK. The studio also operates their own platforms from which casinos can be built.

Leander Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Popular and Diverse Collection

Leander has created a modest number of titles over the past decade, with only approximately 30 games offered at the time of this writing. However, despite not having the quantity that larger developers can provide, this collection still includes a tremendous variety in terms of gameplay and style. There are even a few innovative ideas here that are worth taking a look at, even if just for the novelty factor.

While not quite up to the standards of, say, BetSoft, the graphical quality of these games is relatively high. The symbols and backgrounds are very colorful, and there are some basic animations that allow characters to interact with the screen. For instance, the machines known as Magic Gems features a fairy that floats on the right side of the reels, occasionally spreading her dust across the play area.

There are a couple aspects of the Leander collection that we think are particularly worthy of note. First, unusually for a smaller studio, there are actually a couple of licensed titles here – both of which are related to famous (if very different) musical acts. First, there is Dolly, a game based on the career of country music legend Dolly Parton. The game itself is a rather standard five-line slot, with a few bonus features thrown in for good measure. But it’s in the musical options where this game really stands out: players can listen to a number of different Parton hits, such as Jolene, 9 to 5, Love Is Like a Butterfly, and Heartbreak Express.

On the other end of the musical spectrum is Megadeth, the heavy metal band that has been among the genre’s biggest acts for the past 30 years. The game based on the band features their members, iconic instruments, and their mascot, Vic Rattlehead. And once again, you can enjoy a selection of popular music from the group, including songs like Hanger 18 and Symphony of Destruction.

Those titles are interesting, especially when you consider the fact that these big names have been licensed out to a relatively small time player in the gaming industry. But we’d also like to shine a spotlight on a couple of rather innovative games that blend slots play with other popular casino favorites. For instance, there is Reely Poker, a game in which all of the symbols on the reels have replaced by playing cards. You can activate a special slot poker feature, in which you play one of the lines of cards against the other two for the chance to win prizes, and bonus rounds including one in which you’ll play through hands of Texas Hold’em in order to make the best hands possible and earn prizes.

Similarly, Reely Roulette allows you to play a miniature version of roulette contained inside the slot machine. The numbers serve as the symbols you are trying to match, but you can also allow one position to serve as a roulette wheel, placing bets on an optional layout that appears to the right of the screen.

These games add a lot of depth to what might otherwise be a pretty ordinary slots collection. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more conventional, there are plenty of standard titles included in this lineup as well. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:

Trusted and Interesting Games

Given that Leander is on the smaller side of the industry, it’s not surprising that they haven’t been lavished with awards. That’s not to say they’ve never been recognized: their social gaming efforts have earned them at least one eGaming Review award in 2013, and they have picked up several more nominations over the years.

But despite the lack of hardware, Leander has quietly build a very strong reputation for creating a trusted platform – known as LeGa – on which to deliver their games. These products are also easily integrated into systems that include products from other developers, so you’ll often see their slots alongside those from many other companies.

Perhaps the best reason for users to pay attention to this company, however, is their penchant for making interesting and unique titles. As we’ve already mentioned, the Reely series is probably different than anything you’ve ever tried at an online casino before, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the studio come out with other offbeat games in the future.

Big Additions from a Small Player

Even if you’re not familiar with Leander as a brand name, you may have already tried some of their games: after all, some of the biggest operators in the world include their games in their Internet casino operations. That points to not only the trust these companies have in the developer, but also the value they see in these games.

In our opinion, players should find plenty of value in this collection as well. Sure, the standard games are nothing out of the ordinary, and in many cases, some of the bigger developers have better titles and features if you’re just looking for a generic slots experience. But when it comes to the best Leander titles – namely, the Reely games that include additional gaming features in the mix – they offer a rare chance for slots fans to try something truly new and different.